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Unexplained! What is this mysterious band of light that appears over Canada at night?

Mysterious band of light appears over Canada at night

By Cilva KustesPublished 6 months ago 3 min read

The world is never short of mysterious and interesting phenomena. When there is no way to explain them, people record them, constantly deduce, hypothesize and study them. When there is no way to explain them, that part of the mysterious phenomena becomes a mystery. Technology is still at a rapid stage of development and it is impossible to explain all phenomena, so there are still many mysteries.

For example, a mysterious strip of light appeared over Canada (see image below). As you can see from the picture, the light streak is very long and emits light, like the trailing column left by a meteor as it crosses the sky. It is very beautiful.

The light bar was photographed by an astronomy enthusiast in Canada. At the time, in addition to this mysterious strip of light, beautiful auroras were also seen at the Earth's North and South Poles. But the difference between the two was not so great, either in terms of colour or shape. The aurora appeared at the North and South Poles, the highest latitudes, but this mysterious strip of light appeared in a region of lower latitude, surprising many experts and scholars.

What does this band of light mean? In scientific terms, this phenomenon is known as "heat rate enhancement", also known as the "Steve" phenomenon. The strip of light is known to appear for about 40 minutes and then disappear with the aurora. The timeline overlaps perfectly, making it seem like the mysterious light streak is somehow connected to the aurora.

This is not the first time people have seen this mysterious light bar, which was also spotted in 2017, also in Canada. At that time, the colour of the light strips was purple and more vibrant and eye-catching than the current ones. At the same time, a faint green light appeared during this period and the light bar lasted for about an hour before disappearing.

According to satellite images, the "Steve" light streak was an extremely hot jet of air up to 1,000 metres in length. The temperature inside the jet was extremely high, well over 3000 degrees Celsius. The internal airflow is very fast, more than 3000 times faster than the surrounding airflow. This is why the temperature of the surrounding area rises significantly.

In addition, the "Steve" light bar is in a special position, often below the aurora, so it is at a lower latitude. The aurora is known to be located at the north and south poles, and its position is determined by its latitude and altitude, while the 'Steve' light bar is below it, like a 'courtier', which leads to a certain connection between the two.

The 'Steve' phenomenon has never been observed in isolation, but often only when the aurora appears. "The exact cause of the Steve phenomenon has not yet been studied, so it has become a major problem that continues to haunt people.

Some scientists believe that the "Steve" may be the product of a thermal explosion, associated with solar storms and high-speed particles, but so far no strong evidence has been found to prove that the puzzle remains unsolved.

Many other mysterious phenomena remain unanswered, such as the mysterious flying objects that have suddenly appeared around the Earth and have baffled countless scientists. Research into UFOs has never stopped, but the fog ahead is heavy, with countless threads twisting around, no exit, and even a glimmer of light difficult to catch.

There is a lot of speculation about UFOs, some of which are fake and a prank by people, while others believe they are objects manipulated by alien beings to spy on or investigate the Earth. Opinions vary and there is no basis for them, so feel free to say what you like. When UFOs are not deciphered, their nature becomes as much of a mystery as the mysterious strip of light they have been given.

Mysterious phenomena seem to be the source of what drives mankind onward. When people want to solve a mystery, they try to think and develop it, doing their best to prove that the mysterious phenomenon is not a mystery but a natural phenomenon of nature. We can explain its principles and mechanisms of formation. With such urging, mankind's science and technology continue to develop and thus move toward a higher civilisation. I think this is the greatest significance of mysterious phenomena. What do you think about this?


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