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tossing and turning and having a hard time sleeping

by Eartha J Adams 3 months ago in short story
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Tao Yuanming's "Peach Blossom Source" has been longing for thousands of years, and even I,

tossing and turning and having a hard time sleeping
Photo by Lukas Blazek on Unsplash

  an urchin, had an urge to find a dream after reading it - to visit Peach Blossom Source and find the source of the poetic feelings of the ancients.

  Late at night, tossing and turning, sleepless, the mouth said: "The land is flat and open, the house is just like a house, there are good fields and beautiful pools of mulberry and bamboo ...... yellow hair tufts, and happy." Gradually, without realizing it, I came to the dream world - paradise.

  In spring, all kinds of flowers open like a rush, compete with each other, even the newly turned soil also emits a fresh fragrance, magpies jumping around in the trees, Li Taibai's "spring sleep does not feel the dawn, everywhere hear the cries of birds, the sound of wind and rain at night, the flowers fall to know how much." If you match this scenery, it can be considered to be impeccable.

  In the summer, the lotus flower breaks out of the ground, standing in the water, can be said to be "out of the mud and not dyed, wash the ripples and not a demon" and is worthy of "water fairy", Yang Wanli's "small pond" said "small lotus just reveal the tip of the corner, early dragonflies stand on the head. " Unknowingly wandering in the realm of lotus flowers, the heart is immaculate. The lotus flowers sit quietly in the lotus leaves, the breeze comes, the lotus fragrance is full of sleeves, and on a sunny morning, you will be delighted by "the endless blue of the lotus leaves, reflecting the red of the lotus flowers".

  In late autumn, autumn leaves fly in the air with the autumn wind, even if the yellow leaves are full of mountains, there is no shortage of chrysanthemums to decorate. The fields are full of golden rice, which can be called the golden autumn. The fruits irrigated by the sweat of the farmers, can not be fruitful?

  Essay on the natural scenery of Peach Blossom Garden 2

  "Miss, come here, come here." A customer shouted, pointing to the cup in front of him, said with a chilly face: "Look at your milk is bad, spoil my cup of black tea!"

  "I'm so sorry." The service lady apologized, "I will immediately give you a new cup." The new black tea was replaced. The lady gently in front of the customer, and whispered again, "Do I suggest that if you put lemon, do not add milk, because sometimes lemon can cause the milk to clump." The customer's face went red at once.

  Someone asked the service lady, "Why didn't you just say that he was wrong when it was obvious that he was wrong? He was so rude, why didn't he return the favor?"

  The lady said, "Peace is precious, and peace makes money, so why to spoil this harmonious environment?"

  I was amazed at this service lady's principle of dealing with things - everything is aligned in harmony.

  Often will argue with people and solve a matter, thinking it is the golden key to solve the problem; often resent the people who do not argue when things go wrong, thinking they are representatives of cowards, is the culprit of killing personality. However, away from them, life is so good. I'm afraid not really.

  If this is the case, we can easily be arguing with people and gradually distancing ourselves from the word "harmony". This approach to life, is it responsible for their own, is the care of others?

  The service lady with a low level of education still knows that she would rather "tolerate" a harmonious "peach blossom garden", so how should we, who pretend to be wise and superior?

  Harmony requires tolerance and humility. You will not hold a grudge when someone insults you in public; you will not harp on someone who has done something wrong; you will not give your "man" to poke holes in you, you will not give him "small shoes".

  Harmony requires fairness and openness. Some people play favorites in the public interest, you will never open one eye, close one eye; someone fake crime, you will not allow under; someone destroy the environment, you will not cover-up. You will not reverse right and wrong, referring to the deer as a horse.

  Harmony requires optimism and bravado. When you are in trouble, you have to get out of the whirlpool, do not affect the people around you with a sad face; when you are lost, you have to climb out of the valley, do not render the people around you with tears; when you are wronged, you have to see the sun after the clouds, do not take revenge on others with a "villain's heart".

  Harmony requires dedication and care. Isn't there a song like this? "As long as everyone gives a little love, the world will become a better place." Gui Xi'an put life and death aside, he let the warmth pass, let the love converge, for the cause of AIDS to give their share of power; Sun Bigan to reach peace, travel between the war, in order to save lives, he mediated in the edge of death; Ren Changxia fight evil, eliminate violence and peace, hush, help the poor, in the hearts of people set an indelible monument. Only by extending your hands and mine, society can be like "Peachland Wonderland" as pleasant and happy.

  Of course, to create a harmonious society, we will inevitably find it difficult. But for the sake of this environment that people want, everyone pays some price, and why not? After all, people do not live just to pursue their momentary ease, but to get the eternal harmony of society.

  Please extend your hand, extend my hand. Together we can build a harmonious "beautiful Peachland". The ideal society of "beautiful grass and colorful flowers" and "yellow hair and happiness" is not far from us!

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