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Top 5 Forbidden Places in the World

Visiting these places is prohibited

By Mehedi Hasan ShawonPublished 2 years ago 3 min read
Top 5 Forbidden Places in the World
Photo by veeterzy on Unsplash

Number one

Russian Metro-2 (Metro-2, Russia)

Beneath the busy streets of Moscow, Russia lies the complex and secret underground metro system called 'Metro-2'. It is also known by the code name 'D6' This metro line was built during Stalin's reign. It was used to secretly communicate from one place to another.

The depth of this metro system is 210 meters more than normal metros However, some information says that the tunnels of this metro system are connected to several important administrative places of the government Many speculate that inside these tunnels are rooms in some apartments with modern facilities These roomsIt is believed to have been used by important people during warIt is heard that there is a movement of bodies in the abandoned tunnels. Access to the abandoned tunnels is prohibited for the general public.

Number two

Dulce Base (USA)

Dulce is a quaint town located near the Colorado border in New Mexico. The town, which has a local population of about 2,600, is believed to have an underground base. Because it is believed that geographical advantage will be gained by using this base In this secret base, a special laboratory has been constructed using the latest technology. And in this laboratory incredible things are experimented with.

Some of the more controversial topics are researched here, including the creation of aliens, human-animal hybrids. It is one of the forbidden places in the United States. Moreover, the tight security around it has created a greater interest in the minds of the general public.

Number three

Poveglia Island, Italy

Poveglia is one of the islands in the Venice Lagoon on the east coast of Italy. It is originally the name of an island. The island is better known as the 'Most Haunted Place' even though the thought of a picturesque environment comes to mind. The island got its name from some gruesome past events.

The island was used to dump thousands of dead and living people from the plague. The dead bodies were burned in large pits or set on fire In the 19th century, buildings on the island were converted into hospitals to treat patients. But it is heard that doctors used to torture patients in the name of treatment.

Various studies and experiments were conducted on patients Many doctors commit suicide. As a result of these events, a ghostly atmosphere is created on the island. It is officially prohibited for common people to travel here.

Number four

Chernobyl, Ukraine

In 1986, a terrible disaster occurred at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant in the then Soviet Union. This nuclear disaster is known as the Chernobyl disaster Although it is a man-made disaster, it is considered one of the biggest industrial disasters in the history of the world.

As a result of the explosion on the day of the accident, nuclear radioactive materials were scattered in several surrounding areas There is a lot of damage including death of people and animals. Currently, there is no human being living within 50 miles of the Chernobyl area.

These nuclear radioactive materials will not disappear even in a thousand years. Animals living in Chernobyl are also reported to have unusual physical structures Access to the general public is prohibited except for recovery workers and researchers.

Number five

Area 51

Area 51 is probably one of the most mysterious places. Entry here is strictly prohibited. It is a secret US military base located in the middle of the Nevada desert. This place is always mysterious to the common people. The United States claims that it develops fighter aircraft and conducts experimental work on weapons.

By Jeremy Bishop on Unsplash

But common people and curious people don't want to believe these words. Various imaginations and speculations surround this fortress. They believe that research on aliens and extraterrestrial communication is carried out secretly at this location. Aliens even come here to communicate with Americans!

However, whether the facts are true or false, no one associated with the Ghat wants the common man to know what is happening inside. So the common people have always been strictly kept away from its surroundings.


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