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Top 10 Fastest Animals on The Planet!

by Dylan-Quinn Harris 11 months ago in Nature
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number 5 will shock you!

We are all aware of the animals in this crazy world and just how amazing that truly is. Some are big, some are tall, and some are just downright scary, but in this video, we want to talk about the world’s fastest. Amongst the majestic creatures of the universe, we’ll find out which animal holds the crown for the best sprint. So, let’s hop to it!

10th- Brown hear

If the segway was no indication to you, our animal coming in 10th place is a fluffy buddy otherwise known as the Brown Hear! These little guys are agile and quick! Great legs for reaching high places and dodging predators. Their max speed comes to an incredible 48mph! Which is nothing to scoff at, my moped doesn’t even go that fast! Unfortunately for those fluffy buddies you just couldn’t quite make the cut for the top 5. Keep on hopping little guys!

9th- The Ono fish

If we take a deep dive into the waters and swim toward our lovely neighbors in Hawaii, we’ll find a fish called Wahoo better known as ono by the natives of Hawaii. This tiny giant is not the best looker, with a long striped body that somewhat resembles my sleep perilous demon, but this speed demon wannabe clocks in around 60mph! This guy could come at full speed and you still wouldn’t know what hit ya! I’m just glad it’s confined to the water.

8th- Cheetah

Shockingly these big cats didn’t make the cut for the top 5, clocking in at 61mph they just barely beat out the Ono fish for 8th place. Even though if they’re in 8th place these big cats aren’t something to mess with while they don’t have anything to run from they certainly use that speed to prey on others. they’ll take off with your kid no problem, so stay in those cars while on any safari trips.

7th- the Sail fish

This funny-looking dude proves that the universe has the audacity. This guy looks like the awkward cousin of the sward fish, but you won’t catch me swimming anywhere near this thing. This guy clocks in at 68mph and with that my will to live has left the chat.

6th- The Black Marlin fish

Another creature of the sea that I’m so glad stays underwater! The black marlin fish can hit a speed of 80mph and looks like an absolute beast, this guy has some major rep when it comes to swimming. I think these fish could completely take over the Olympics for swimming and no one would object. Knowing that these water monsters are lurking in the deeps, reminds me why i have insomnia.

5th- The Spur-Winged Goose

We’ve been on land and we’ve dived to the depths of the seas so now we’ll take to the sky with number 6! The SpurWinged Goose is a really big bird that has a wingspan of 59-79in for adults, get out of here! That’s pretty big. The speed that this murder bird clocks in at are 88mph and i will never go outside again.

4th- Frigate bird

This pretty birdy is a god-like undertaker! This guy has an average wingspan of 7ft And he clocks in at 95mph, if you aren’t already an introvert then i have one question, why? How can you know this and still go outside? The men of this species are typically black with a red chest long tail to attract a mate. We aren’t even down with the list and I’m ready to leave.

3rd- Mexican free-tailed bat

These little tree huggers are the shadows of the night and they are quite cute. The Mexican free-tailed bat is a swift flyer with a wingspan of 12-14in’s and this guy can fly at a speed of 100mph. These guys aren’t so bad because I’m almost certain I’ll never see them in real life, thank goodness that is only active at night.

2nd- White-Throated Needletail

It seems that the runner-up is flying! Let me tell you, this guy is pretty fast but falls a tab bit short and is awarded the silver medal for the fastest animal on the planet. This guy has a wingspan of 20in across and a speed that clocks in around 106mph! It’s a wonder why no one keeps their eyes on the sky, one of those things could swoop down at any moment and make find out of the afterlife is real.

1st- Golden eagle

This majestic, not-so-little guy is our number 1 fastest animal on the planet and he is taking home the gold. Someone call margo Robby because this guy is one of the most famous birds of prey, and this bird earned this first place spot. With a wingspan of 26 to 40 in and a speed that clocks in at 200mph, every sports car wishes it was this bird! With that said, this concludes our top ten list of the fastest animals on the planet. Feel free to tell us what you think in the comments and have a great day!


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