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Through the Decades of Time

by Ocusan Mi about a month ago in short story
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Orwell's 2024

Each decade is different. I remember the erra of the 1960's I was born into. The cold war & airplanes. A white pontiac grand prix that had bright orange stickers of fighter jets in the rear window with a bumper sticker that read; Fighter pilots do it better. Traveling through miles of winding roads each summer vacation underneath the shield of that time. When the world seemed densly populated within the fields of rolling wheat and sub degree below zero winters. Then I traveled out of the cold and into the warmth of the middle east. The snowglobe of the 1960's broke and another time period was born. The 1970's became like a revolving disco ball with its tiny mirror fragments and songs that played at dances. With city sounds of street venders, fairy boats gliding on Ageon waves under a spectacular sunset. It felt like warm Turkish bread, or Ekmek. Fifty years later, it all seemed like a dream. The parents that were there are now asleep in their graves, leaving me alone in the strange time period as i recide above the hammering of a horrible machine. Day in and day out the machine, much like the pink floyd song that i never imagined would become my reality. I believe in aliens and hope that their is a race out there that can help us rid of the other ugly machines, machines of war that i grew up around. I also believe in a ghost planet that is holographically connected to the earth. Instead of helping us, it destroys us, and haunts the news media of death and destruction. I escape by playing games, such as the one where i found a deserted planet with a astroid grinding machine. I then grinded up the rock for rocket fuel. This made me consider that the underground machine could be made of a astroid, it feels like a borg cube that no one speaks or talks about. Except one movie about a bomb train in a Pacific island cave. This made me consider that is why no one talks about it, the thing could be surrounded by bombs, as the movie plot was to blow up the entire United States. How anyone could keep a pet Hawk in a cave ? I wonder if the children of tomorrow will play in caves, of ice or crystal formations. Will they be safe of the prying of the Dooms day watchers on the hidden world ? I guess it will take a cetain hero to expose the truth. The truth of todays millinium that exceds the serinity of the past one. There was one man who was helping me in the film world, a Greek actor that seemed to live in his films as if his afterlife was in his films, he built a rocket with the initials PL & SM. He was showing me that he was somehow related to my father, as he resembled a brother like appearance. He could have been, yet he too sadly passed away in the Greek Cinema. I was told to take my satellite down because the hammering shook the dish and it could fall. I lost contact with the channel, yet still wonder how actors in films can make new movies. I also wonder about robots and androids, and if their is a secret race of them being manufactured underground. I wonder if I will get some android parts and if medical science will create warehouses of oxygen chambers for improved health. This is my idea. This would be a nice time to go for a ride in a spacecraft, if only i had one. If only I had a library to time travel through, back through the decades of lost time.

short story

About the author

Ocusan Mi

I write surrealist settings & a bit of supernatural, influenced by mostly my cat. A cat isnt just a animal to hoard & make fun of, cats are psychic creatures. Deep in thought, i imagine a plot while my cats mind can link with mine.

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