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This is also a pleasure

The waves kissed the shoreline and a few shells lay quietly on the beach. The clear moonlight spilled from the sky to the ocean,

By NatalieMarmolPublished 8 months ago 4 min read
This is also a pleasure
Photo by Gatis Marcinkevics on Unsplash

The waves kissed the shoreline and a few shells lay quietly on the beach. The clear moonlight spilled from the sky to the ocean, the waves drowned in glowing ripples that kept churning and kept tumbling into my memories, and I couldn't help but remember a few years ago, a little girl chasing the waves in the sea breeze looking for seashells ......

After arriving at junior high school, the heavy academic pressure was overwhelming, and I kept chasing after high scores, thinking that this would give me the ultimate pleasure, but the result was always a sinking ship. So, I began to think in my mind about what is real happiness. I accidentally found a string of shell necklaces knitted in my childhood in the drawer of my desk, and it pulled my mind back to those years.

At that time, I, like many children, had a love for shells. Once I went to the beach, I was determined to weave a string of shell necklaces, I kept searching along the coastline, and the sea breeze blew gently through my ears, I don't know how long I searched, but I found the first shell. It was white with a hint of red. In this way, I found the second, the third ...... I put all these on the rope after remembering that the precious necklace must have eye-catching jewelry in the middle. I got up and looked around, my eyes were drawn to a luminous object, and when I got closer I found that it was a shell several times larger than the others, shaped like a horn, with curled edges, pink overall, with irregular spots on it, the spots were surrounded by a purple halo-like pattern, and in addition to that, there were white wave-like ripples, which I believe must be the vicissitudes left by the ocean, and it was there calling to me, and I I still remember the joy I felt when I found it.

I was just about to walk over, but a group of children blocked my way, and when I could see its position again, it was gone, and only when I turned my head did I find it had been swept away by the waves, I chased after it recklessly, obviously it was summer, but I felt the sea water coldly eroding every inch of my skin, I kept chasing until the sea water did not pass my waist, but still could not catch up, I could only watch it drift further and further away, despondent as if desperately I wanted to grab the sand in my hands, but I could only let it flow away from my fingers. I held back my tears and lost all interest in the beach.

At night, I looked out the window, still with the glowing shell in my heart, and I looked towards the spot where I had found the shell ...... for a moment, and I was thrilled to see another thing that shone with the same light as the shell! I flew over, but it was not the shell I had been thinking about, just a glass fragment, I put the glass fragment through the middle of the rope, it reflected the luster of the moon, although not as dazzling as the shell, but also has a different flavor.

When I gently touched the shell necklace with my hand, I couldn't help but smile, not only the past me but also the present me from my heart. I found real joy in my heart. It is a joy to put together a perfect shell necklace, but the process of searching for shells is not a joy, even if I only found a glass fragment in the end.

Happiness has always existed around me, but I have been obsessed with the lost but forgot to stop and review what kind of journey they have taken, there are inevitable regrets in life, just like the shells swept away by the waves, no matter how to chase the shells can not come back, but as long as you look back, you will find the process of finding the shells is equally satisfying. The same is true of learning. Getting a high score is a joy, but the process of learning is also a joy. Happiness lies between contentment, and contentment is not the absence of pursuit, but cherishing the present moment and enjoying the scenery along the way.

Since then, I am enjoying the process of learning, not coping with exams and scores, which makes my heart feel joyful from the bottom of my heart, it is indeed a joy.


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