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The World's Greatest Chinese Scientist To Satisfy Hunger

Hunger is the biggest virus

By Mohammad ArifPublished 3 years ago 3 min read

The inventor of the world's first hybrid rice and the great Chinese agricultural scientist who starved millions of people, Yuan Long Phang died on May 22 at the age of 91. Yuan Long Pheng was born in 1930 in Beijing. In 1973, he succeeded in cultivating and promoting the world's first high-yielding hybrid rice, which was later widely cultivated not only in China but also in other countries, and a huge increase in overall rice production Happened.

This type of rice can grow from 300 kg to 500 kg per meow (0.067 ha). Such varieties of rice not only give higher yields but also increase the cultivable area while maintaining the quality of rice. As a result, China's rice production increased from 5.69 billion tons in 1950 to 19.47 billion tons in 2000. Hybrid rice yields 20% more than the normal variety, which keeps increasing every year.

China, however, has become largely self-sufficient in grain supply, while China has a surplus in rice. The biggest dream of Yuan Loongfang's life was to develop as many hybrid varieties of rice as possible and use them to fight famine. Over the past 40 years, Yuan and his team have conducted a series of seminars and courses, training nearly 14,000 students from 80 countries.

This great agricultural scientist continuously researched hybrid rice for five decades and exchanged his successful research results from all over the world. Thanks to his research efforts, today hybrid rice has reached the "third generation". According to statistics, the cultivable area of ​​hybrid rice in China is more than 16 million hectares, which is 57% of the total cultivable area of ​​rice. It is worth mentioning that this area feeds 80 million people annually in China Is the source of the supply.

Rice is not only the staple food of ordinary people around the world, but also one of the most important nutrients in many Asian and African countries. Currently, hybrid rice is widely grown in India, Bangladesh, Indonesia, Vietnam, the Philippines, the United States, Brazil, Madagascar and other countries, which has led to a significant increase in local grain production. The greatness of Yuan Longpung is that he has made important contributions not only to China but also to global food security.

News of Yuan Longpheng's death spread like wildfire not only in China but also on traditional and social media around the world, and prominent figures around the world, including ordinary people, expressed deep sorrow over his death. "Three times a day, the smell of rice on the dinner table will always remind you," people wrote, acknowledging his services.

At the behest of Chinese President Xi Jinping, Xi Jinping, head of the regional branch of the Chinese Communist Party in Hunan Province, offered his condolences to the family of Yuan Longping on his death on May 23. He paid tribute to Yuan Longpang for his important contributions to food security, innovation in agricultural science and technology, and global food security, and urged them to adhere to his principles.

Chinese citizens have also written numerous comments expressing their deep devotion to Yuan Longfang. After hearing the news of his death, a large number of citizens of Changsha, China, gathered outside the hospital where Yuan Longpheng died.

Globally, people from different countries and regions, including Pakistan, the United Kingdom and the United States, especially experts in the field of agriculture, expressed deep sorrow over the death of Yuan Long Phang and appreciated his great services in the field of agriculture.

In addition, other sub-organizations, including the head of the UN Food and Agriculture Organization, praised the late Yuan Longpung's services to food security, poverty alleviation and improving public life on their social media accounts.

If you look at the world, the African region has always faced poverty, climate issues and food shortages. China has benefited from Yuan Longpung and his team's "hybrid rice technology", but many African countries have also benefited. The African country of Madagascar, for example, is currently developing hybrid rice technology.

The Chinese province of Hunan has been sending agricultural technologists to Madagascar since 2007 to promote hybrid rice technology. Today, more than 10 years later, Madagascar has become the largest country in Africa in terms of acreage and production of hybrid rice. Rice production in Madagascar has increased from 3 tons per hectare to 10 tons.

In his condolence message, Madagascar's Minister of Agriculture said that the scientific research of Yuan Longfang has left a "precious legacy" for the country. And Mozambique has also received significant acclaim, which has greatly helped food security here.

Despite his worldwide achievements, Yuan Long Pheng has always lived a life of humility and a very simple life. Today, the whole world appreciates the achievements of Yuan, who has dedicated his entire life to the cause that no one in the world will be afraid of hunger.


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