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The Weevils Might

An African tale of how Weevils came to being.

By George Wayne Published 4 months ago 3 min read
The Weevils Might
Photo by Gleb Lucky on Unsplash

An African tale of how weaevels came to being.

Farming had been on its peak it was harvest and the harvest was bountiful, the weather did not stand in the way as it did in the past years, when during harvest the rains never left so gave farmers a hard time to finish harvest and prepare for the next farming cycle.

In times of plenty the farmers would gather round with the best of their farm produce and give thanks and after that the first best harvest is given to the king as a sign of respect and appreciation.this tradition has been on the tribe for years and has been passed down from generation to generation and the people have been living happily with good harvest and enough food to prepare for the dry season.

Like the beginning of bad news in every story it all began three generations later when men cared about themselves, what they will wear, what they will eat and as it goes evil is always roaming looking for one to accept her.

Despite all these negative behaviors Frederick and his family lived in the out-sketches of the village in the hut his father gave him blessed by the mother in her dying bed, he lived there with his wife and two kids. He was a respecter of what his father left behind and the stories of what could happen if things do not go how they have been doing kept up with village traditions and always be there when needed, offer his best to the king and more, but as he was alone he could not withhold the anger and what is upon them. So as the years went by they did not carry out the traditions as demanded and nothing happened this started raising questions that what if their fathers were wasting their time on something that had no consequences, with rage the villagers paid Frederick a visiting asking him asking him furiously, “ stop thinking you are special, why keep on doing what our fathers did, why not stay away as we have, see for yourself we live happily, we eat, we sleep in peace. Our children do not have weird dreams, they get married to the best maidens in the land and prosper its been thirty years now, why not let it go. There are no consequences what so ever. So please let it go unless you want to force our hand”.

Frederick stood his ground until the day of judgement came, and it was something that they could not control or get rid of, it was something so insignificant such that they did not see it as punishment, rather they laughed and said so much of a punishment. They had no idea what has come will live with them forever.

Finally, harvest came bountiful so they all shouted the more no punishment, so what our fathers did was useless. They harvested, stored away and were happy. Few months after harvest, one fine morning the village was mourning when they visited their barns only to find half the grains infested with weevels they cried and and shouted for help but nothing and no one came to their aid. It was already too late for apologies or going back to what has happened. The punishment came to live them as a reminder of how they went wayward and the results was inevitable. Their sacrifices could not reverse what was upon them. Going back to what their fathers taught them could not either. From then on weavels lived with humans till date.

Please I will like what you think about this African tale in the comment section and feel free to share your country and tell us if weevels affect crops as it does in Africa. And lets make it interactive, our roots is all what we have and need to stand until our time is up. THANKS FOR READING

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