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The supermoon of 2021! Appearing over the southern state of Anhui, Ningxia, the surface of the moon is visible to the naked eye!

The surface of the moon is visible to the naked eye!

By Orr HirshmanPublished 6 months ago 3 min read

Compared to 2020, the year of the Gens, 2021 can be described as a transit year, with economic development returning to the level of 2018 or even better, which is not easy! At the same time, this is also an auspicious year. Tonight, the supermoon of 2021 appeared over the southern state of Anhui, Ningxia, with traces of the moon's surface visible to the naked eye. It was amazing! Yamano couldn't resist grabbing his telephoto lens to record this exciting astronomical sight!

Nanmen Mountain is the highest elevation in Ningguo City and has the best view of the sky, so the Ningguo Meteorological Bureau chose to set up an observatory here. Tonight I happened to be in Ningguo City and looked up to see a particularly blinding and round moon above, which instantly caught the attention of the mountain wilderness, so I slowed down to look at the moon and found a different view than before.

I couldn't see the moon because the light on the road was too strong. When I looked at the moon under the camphor tree, I noticed that traces of the moon's surface were visible. Is this an ecological miracle? Previously, the AI function of the phone could simulate the appearance of the moon, but it is not often that you can see the surface of the moon directly with the naked eye. Yamano-Kun was so excited at this point that he decided to take a picture with his camera and record it. It is said that this astronomical phenomenon can be seen in every city in the country, not just in the southern Anhui province of Ningguo, as long as the weather is clear.

This time was around 23:18 on 27 April 2021. There were very few people and vehicles on the road, and the horsepower was exceptionally quiet at night. The moon above is very bright and clear. This is the first supermoon to appear this year in 2021. Yamano had heard of this supermoon before, but this was the first time he witnessed this astronomical sight.

This image may be seen on a smartphone, and AI technology can simulate this Kuo. but Yamano-Kun is excited and proud to tell you that this is not a data-simulated moon, but a supermoon he has seen with his own eyes. 2021 is the year of the ugly. Any kind of supermoon is an auspicious omen! At this point, Yamano-Kun thinks I'm an astrologer too, haha!

It is a super moon. The surface of the moon is seen so clearly by us earthlings that it seems that the moon has a different form of matter present as well as the earth. This supermoon occurs because the moon is closer to our planet than normal at this time and the air visibility is high, which is why this astronomical phenomenon occurs. This is a supermoon just photographed in Ningguo City in southern Anhui Province.

Supermoons don't happen often, but they are by no means rare either. This supermoon can be seen whenever the Earth-Moon distance is at its shortest and the weather is clear. Yamano was so happy to see this astronomical sight tonight that he grabbed his camera and captured it to share with you. By the way, can you see this supermoon in your city or region? Share your shots of the supermoon!

Yamano loves traveling and photography, but he also loves making friends. He hopes to make friends from all walks of life to travel around the country and enjoy the great rivers and mountains and the profound history and culture of the motherland. Culture and travel go hand in hand, let's go together!


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