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The Soviet Union's "human-ape hybrid" experiment, how did it end

"Human-ape hybridization" experiment

By Carlo PhilPublished 12 months ago 3 min read

The film "Planet of the Apes" is about a human aboard a spaceship to the planet of the apes in 3955 A.D. As a human, Tyler can speak with his voice, speaking "Let go of your stinking paws, you damn dirty ape."

The chimpanzee belongs to the primate family Humanize, can use and make simple tools, and is also known to humans second only to the most intelligent animals, through the study and investigation of chimpanzee fossil teeth, etc., can know that the ancestors of humans and chimpanzee ancestors about 5 ~ 6 million years ago to go their separate ways, chimpanzees are also the closest animal with human blood.

Human genetic information and chimpanzee similarity is about 98.5%, genes only 1.5% difference, there are very few scholars believe that, in a sense, humans are the third type of chimpanzee. And scientists have also succeeded in teaching a chimpanzee to recognize Arabic numerals, some chimpanzees after language training, and even be able to understand thousands of English words, with the keyboard and other tools to "talk".

When a human being is closely associated with another animal, it is chilling, as the film "Human-Animal Hybrid" conveys, but it is a tragedy, but in 1927, the Belarusian newspaper "Russian Times" published a story about the "human-ape hybrid" experiments in the Soviet Union, conducted by the scientist Ila Ivanhoe Ivan.

After graduating from Kharkov University at the age of 26, Ivan studied in France and was invited to the Royal Institute of Experimental Medicine in Retrograde.

After that Ivan was almost addicted to the research in the field of artificial insemination of animals, and through the research made some endangered animals survived, and Ivan also did crossbreed experiments on different biological homes, many people know that the mule is an inter-species hybrid of a male donkey and a female horse, and the mule can not give birth, while the male horse and female donkey gave birth to is called donkey mule.

In addition, tigers and lions are male tigers and female lions crossed out, but congenitally weak, the reason why tigers and lions can be born, but also because tigers and lions belong to the same feline, are genetically consistent, and have 38 chromosomes, but the success rate of conception between lions and tigers is only 1% - 2%, the survival rate of tigers and lions is only one in 500,000.

This is not a very happy thing, the religion of the European countries also expressed strong condemnation of it, that it is against the "natural law", but this did not stop Ivan's research, Ivan will also pay attention to the "human" body, want to carry out "human-ape hybrid" through artificial insemination.

Ivan thought that if the experiment was successful, the apes could do a lot of things instead of humans, and it was a time of war, the apes could also play a big role on the battlefield.

In 1926 Ivan obtained the consent of the Soviet Union and went to the experimental base in French Guinea Kinda, officially began to carry out experiments with apes, but the experiment was not successful, whinny scientists believe that the biggest obstacle is that the molecular structure of human and chimpanzee genes are different.

But Ivan one experiment failed but did not give up, he found five young girls as experimental subjects, and signed a confidentiality agreement with them, from 1928 to 1930, Ivan cut off all contact with the outside world, to focus on their crazy experiments.

But Ivan's experiments failed again and again, and Ivan's whereabouts were discovered by the Soviets. Since the experiment had been canceled, in December 1930, the Soviet secret police arrested Ivan for establishing a counter-revolutionary organization and later exiled Ivan to Kazakhstan.

The five young girls were not published and were gradually forgotten and went on with their lives.

Ivan in Kazakhstan due to the loss of everything that can support his experiments, experiments did not restart, and Ivan did not adapt to the local environment and fell ill, and a year later he also died of illness.


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