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The Parfume tree

by Titan Godess 5 months ago in Nature · updated 5 months ago

Love is in our words # meaning of Vanity and Substance

The parfume of the tree that makes everybody Love you.

Do you want a perfume like that? People think love is just all about beautiful feelings its numbers its sensory cells .The whiff the parfume EROS#. It is just one word with a 1000 different meanings .

The prophet Enoch describes the TREE# as bearing grapes with a beautiful fragrance Parfume #.

A word is the source of every deed a tree of thought of every act a fragrance to speak to our soul . The root of all conduct is the Mind-four branches as it shoots forth into union with all the senses of Love . He or She that lifts the narcissistic Veil and blames themselves shall be loved for their truth of insight. Vanity of vanities all is vanity. Vanity in the Ancient Hebrew tongue means empty of substance .Vapor #Mist #Fog.

Substance meaning #The most important element in any existence; the characteristic and essential components of anything; the main part; essential import; purport. We come from the nature of senses and the idea of "olfactory consciousness" the parefumer's Art is to attempt the capture of what he wants to be free without breaking the spirit of the flowers and trees.O how much more doth beauty beauteous seem

By that sweet parfume which truth doth give!

The rose looks fair, but fairer we it deem

For that sweet fragrance which doth in it live.

The softness blooms have full as deep colors

As the perfumed tincture of the mother of roses,

Hang on such thorns, and play

When summer's breath their masked buds discloses.

But, for their beauty only is their show,

They live with no vanity and as the beauty of petals fades

Die to themselves so quietly. Sweet roses do so with substance

Of their sweet deaths are sweetest parfumes made

Youth of your corrupter Vanity no substance

run from the emptiness

to the parfume tree

The ancient Arabs were the masters of chemistry, were also the first founders of the art of perfumery. The Arabian physician Avicenna, in the 10th century, taught the art of preparing fragrant waters from leaves, and Sultan Saladin, in 1157, on his triumphal entry, had the walls of the mosque of Omar washed with beautiful aroma of rose water.

The art of perfumery, and a number of new odors rapidly became known after the crusades to the Orient. Italy and France, in those times the representatives of culture, were the countries in which the preparation of perfumes was carried on on a large scale. The name of a Roman family preserved to the present day because one of its members had combined a sweet-scented powder, called Frangipanni after its inventor, which is still in vogue, and because his grandson Mauritius Frangipanni had made the important discovery that by treating this powder with spirit of wine the fragrant substance could be obtained in a fluid form.

Of our five senses, that of Smelling connection to attraction to . The Creator source code the inner wisdom to endow man to become developed, and the faculty of Smelling will meet with its share of tuition as well as Sight, Hearing, Touch, and Taste.

Flowers yield perfumes in all climates, but those growing in the warmer latitudes are most prolific in their odor, while those from the colder are the sweetest. Hooker, in his travels in Iceland, speaks of the delightful fragrance of the flowers in the valley .Captain Sturt, exploring the wild regions of South Australia, writes: "The rains have clothed the earth with a green and beautiful scent. The Yellow Wattle, when in flower, is splendid, and emits a most fragrant odor."

Catherine de Medici, the wife of Henry II, had made use of the fashion of perfuming the body for the purpose of ridding herself of objectionable men and women, by giving them scented gloves prepared and at the same time poisoned by a Florentine named René . This is not just a tale to be simply a scary fable with the alchemist knowledge, the mere touch which could produce the effect of a fatal poison

At the court of Queen Elizabeth, perfume was used with great extravagance; in fact, they were considered one of the essential elements of life. This luxury was carried even further to the courts of the luxurious kings of France; Louis XV. The woman's lover has always worn the same perfume as she.

It is known that among the eastern peoples, perfumes are so widespread that even food is seasoned with rose water the small tree full of aroma.


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