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The net is that China's Tianqian 1 will land on the 15th, can avoid the U.S. said Mars signal interference?

SkyQuest can avoid U.S. Mars signal jamming

By Cilva KustesPublished 6 months ago 5 min read

This is good news, which means that China will usher in the first landing of the Mars rover, but of course, it is impossible to judge the success or failure of this landing.

But compared to our country, this is our first Mars exploration, and is also our first implementation of the Mars probe landing, compared to the United States and other countries, landing on Mars is relatively much more difficult, because the United States landed on Mars too many times, while our country is the first time.

Today the Mars probe - SkyQuest One is still operating in Mars orbit, strictly speaking, after entering Mars orbit at the end of February, has been kept in the process of Mars orbit, and the implementation of Mars exploration, but also considered ready for Mars landing.

What does SkyQuest do in Mars orbit?

After entering Mars orbit at the end of February 2021, SkyQuest-1 will orbiter 7 payloads will all be turned on and start scientific exploration. Mainly for Mars surface composition, material type distribution, geological structure, Mars meteorological environment, and other exploration, to further provide help for Mars landing. And China's landing on Mars this time will also be a one-time completion of the "around, landing, patrol" process, the Mars exploration, the landing mission is much more difficult, but also the highest technical risk of the entire Mars exploration mission, one of the most difficult technical aspects.

And China's academician Ye Peijian, suddenly burst out - the specific time of the landing of the sky question one will be implemented at 7:11 a.m. on the 15th landing. It can be said to have triggered a hot debate because the sky question has not appeared news for a long time, and even some people suspect that it is not already failed, and this time the accidental non-explosion, is in the case of many people do not know, a shock, we are boiling, China's sky question one will usher in a challenging moment, so it is more expected.

China can avoid the United States said the Mars "signal interference"?

In the previous we also said, the United States reported the problem of signal "interference" which is happening in the new U.S. Mars exploration "Trail" above. The X-band has a frequency range of 8 - 12 GHz and a wavelength of 37.50 - 25.00 mm.

However, although the anomaly appeared, but did not affect the Trail, this "signal interference" has also caused concern, because the United States of this report, directly proved that radio interference is indeed a hidden danger that can not be ignored. The U.S. also pointed out that the signal interference is as more and more probes on Mars, by the "peer" interference situation, which means what the problem is, more and more Mars probes on Mars, the greater the possibility of interference.

That our country can avoid the United States said "Mars signal interference"? The main thing is to avoid this signal segment on the line we do not have to worry about this problem, because the United States Mars rover landed in the region, and our Mars rover landing place is not the same. The trail is located in the Jezero Crater (Jezero Crater) area, while the SkyQuest One landing area is selected in the largest plain of Mars Utopia Plain.

So there will be no "bunching" with the U.S. Mars rovers landing in one area, so this can already avoid the possibility of interference with the Martian signal. Of course, to prevent, the United States after the report out, our country must have also carried out measures to prepare for this, after all, as long as the outside world has any wind and grass, will certainly think. The United States of America this time, I do not know whether it is deliberate or coincidental, or in the "disturbance of mind", after all, they have landed on Mars, our country is about to land the stage, this is the general situation, we collect mood ready to see the news of the landing of the Sky Question One.

SkyQuest One can help land on Mars?

We all know that, nowadays, regarding Mars exploration, the United States is also "carrying" some projects about Mars immigration, and now the Mars immigration program in the world is also very smooth. The reason for landing on Mars should be understood, many scientists believe that the future of our planet will probably not be suitable for human habitation, so the idea of the construction of a "second Earth". And Mars is the "first target" we see, although today the Martian environment is not suitable for human habitation.

But scientists say we can use technology to change Mars, and then move to the top, the original words are "to transform Mars into a human "second Earth" need 200-300 years", so humans may still have the ability to create an "Earth", of course, to quickly change with up, move up, this is not very likely. And now all kinds of exploration of Mars, indeed, to provide help for the future migration to Mars, China's sky question one of Mars data, but also to provide help for our future migration to Mars.

Of course, our country has not seen how long it took to implement this plan, now the most said is the United States Mars immigration, Musk publicly said "less than 2030, SpaceX's fleet will reach Mars! However, after saying it, some experts say that it is difficult to achieve within a hundred years, more than a gimmick, in the end, can not be achieved, we can only wait for the news behind, and this is probably the case.


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