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the Last DNA

by Carin SpottedEagle 11 months ago in Humanity · updated 10 months ago
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Oh! Where oh where have all flowers gone

Oh… where oh where did the flowers go

How did we get to… the Last DNA the child asked? Rachael began with according to legend early in the 21 st century a teacup chihuahua named Mr. Jolly deemed first to bring it to the attention of a Human. Mr. Jolly telepathically stated ‘what Humans call DNA four legged and those with wings calls it scent’. Yep! It’s that simple and how it all began.

During the time our planet had order, peace and tranquillity this little four legged turned this Nation into a new paradigm. Tracking DNA in a complete unique manner. Using DNA in connection with environmental crime and accountability. In this era four legged learn to understand their Humans language. It was also a time when four legged and the winged ones were telepathic and clearly impressed the two legged with solutions and concerns of how Human(s) were treating planet Mother Earth. The four legged created a political stance, organized and gave voice of their concerns. The four legged community organized all domesticated and wild species convincing their voice mattered and equal to their Human especially since they witness the counter destruction Humans were having with managing or mismanaging their trash, litter and blight globally. If planet Earth was to survive the next century the animal kingdom must garner reduction of environmental hazards produced by the Human kind.

Rachael a delicate Soul reared in post America final years grew desperate for the freedoms once known. Freedom to eat and prepare food no longer available due the total collapse of the Bee colonies of the world. A place with no flowers vegetable or fruit? How nutrition reduced into swallowing a pill? These are primary social elementary changes Rachael attempted to illustrate as she struggles to tell the story of conditions 9f what gave rise leading to the Last DNA and it’s societal impacts.

During the early 21st century no regard was given about the growing demands for electricity and the crumbling infrastructure supporting the electronic insurgence with gadgets demanding utility. The population at this part of the century had no clue of the burden being place on the planets resource capacity therefore, killing all opportunities globally for our futures sustainability.

Mr. Jolly 109 years old (in dog years) warn his family, neighbors, voters and the Nation if two legged continued the demand for electricity at the pace they have… the Nation will be gone within a decade; collapse of this Nation as we knew it was eminent. What we later discovered electrical current is also connected to life current within us all. When electrical current generation ceased so did the Human DNA genetic structure. Go figure the two interconnection. The greatest minds and scholars missed what a four legged teacup chihuahua most accurately disclosed in year 2121. Yes, year 2121 brought new horizons to this planet. Ability to measure, detect and track instantly: DNA. Retina scanning eliminates need for cash or plastic cards somewhere during 2031 but DNA access became a radical game changer. Let me remind you voting as we knew it completely eradicated in year 2036. Who amongst us are ‘bound by our tribalism(s)’? Who would of ever thought a revolution would be led by a four legged… a teacup chihuahua?

Rachael continued describing the comforts once known during the 20th and earlier 21st century. Running water, light, refridgeration, automobiles, public transportation, television, washing machines and the list lengthy as she described how these items made life so much easier. Each device required and demanded electricity connection. Rachael lovingly doted what each device once assisted. Her audience both fascinated and disillusioned on how a society could wrecklessly destroy progress.

Now comes Mr. Jolly disclosure DNA is equivalent to what four legged and the winged ones call scent/sonar.

Mr. Jolly convinces his Human to create a platform design and has lab run DNA comparative from each specimen carefully isolated and stored in the collection process. To every Humans amazement Mr. Jolly’s premise has efficacy 100%. The DNA all conclusive, all from the same person in each sample.

Now we can determine exactly who is littering and leaving blight globally!

Mr. Jolly bought media attention to this discovery and over a five year period began animated the DNA litter and with a parade of Posse, travel by foot/paws with dancing chain of animated garbage, debris and or litter to the last known destination of the culprit based on their predetermined and tested DNA. Mr. Jolly invented a Human gps which identifies last known location of Human DNA. It’s at that location the Posse and Mr Jolly began appearing with evidence: the dancing animated DNA samples of litter thoughtlessly left inappropriate public place. The moment the DNA exits the building the chain quickly wraps itself around the waist of the culprit and locks while Mr. Jolly announces the length of the sentences. The Posse Parade begins clapping and shouting guess who the Last DNA is today? Teaching why and how trash, litter and blight interfered with electrical generation process.


About the author

Carin SpottedEagle

After 4 decades inside insurance pension marketplace. Emerges creative and technical writer. Loves dogs and exotic birds. Enjoys travel, cooking exotic gourmet food and adventure in unique settings. Working on environmental comedy film

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