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Brackenwood manor

By Kuldeep RajawatPublished about a year ago 3 min read

The Haunting of Brackenwood Manor

Brackenwood Manor had stood for centuries, looming tall over the rolling hills and green meadows of the English countryside. It was a grand old house, with sprawling gardens and ancient oak trees that creaked in the wind. For years, it had been the home of the wealthy Brackenwood family, who had amassed their fortune through a successful trading company in the 18th century.

But as time passed, the family's fortunes began to wane. They fell on hard times, and the grand manor fell into disrepair. By the early 20th century, the Brackenwoods had all but disappeared, leaving the house to fall into ruin.

And yet, there were those who still remembered the old legends of Brackenwood Manor. They whispered of a curse that had befallen the family, and of strange happenings that had occurred within its walls. Some said that the ghosts of the Brackenwoods still walked the halls, haunting the house and its surrounding land.

It was on a cool autumn evening that William Rutherford arrived at Brackenwood Manor. He was a young man, fresh out of university, and had been hired by a wealthy investor to catalogue the contents of the old house. William was fascinated by history and had always been drawn to the stories of the Brackenwood family. He was eager to explore the house and discover its secrets.

As he stepped through the front doors, he was struck by the eerie silence that pervaded the house. It was as if the very air itself was holding its breath, waiting for something to happen. William shook off the feeling and began to explore.

He wandered through the dusty rooms, taking note of the antique furniture and paintings that lined the walls. The house was filled with relics of a bygone era, and William found himself lost in thought, imagining the lives of the people who had once lived within its walls.

As the sun began to set, William decided to retire to one of the bedrooms for the night. He selected a room at random, a spacious chamber with a large four-poster bed. The room was cold and damp, and William shivered as he climbed into bed. But despite the chill, he soon drifted off into a deep sleep.

It was the sound of footsteps that woke him in the middle of the night. William sat up, rubbing his eyes, and peered into the darkness. He could just make out a figure moving towards him, its steps echoing through the silent house.

"Hello?" he called out, his voice trembling slightly.

There was no answer, but the figure continued to approach him. As it drew closer, William could see that it was a woman, dressed in a long, flowing gown. Her hair was dark and tangled, and her eyes glowed with an otherworldly light.

William tried to move, but found that he was paralyzed with fear. The woman drew closer still, until she was standing right beside his bed. She leaned over him, her breath hot on his face.

"Leave this place," she whispered, her voice cold and hollow. "You have no business here."

And with that, she vanished into thin air, leaving William alone in the darkness.

The next day, William tried to put the encounter out of his mind. He convinced himself that it had just been a trick of the light, a hallucination brought on by his fatigue. But as the days wore on, he began to experience more and more strange occurrences.

He would hear the sound of footsteps in the hallways, even though there was no one there. Objects would move on their own, and doors would slam shut without warning. And always, there was the sense that he was being watched, that

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  • Test6 months ago

    Incredible work. Very well-written!

KRWritten by Kuldeep Rajawat

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