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The growth of "Taiyang" violates the laws of nature, "Taiyang" in the end what is? Science gives an explanation

The growth of "Taiyang" violates the laws of nature, "Taiyang" in the end what is? Science gives an explanation

By Cilva KustesPublished 2 years ago 3 min read

From ancient times to the present, our kings have been looking for the secret art of "immortality", although all of them ended unsuccessfully, and until now everyone is very clear that the reincarnation of life and death belongs to natural law, but we still expect ourselves to live longer.

In fact, we Chinese people are very curious about the matter of "seeking immortality", and in general we often hear "dare to move the earth in the head of the Taiyang" them. What exactly is "Tai Sui"? In the eyes of our Chinese people, "offending the year" is a particularly inauspicious thing, which is our Chinese feudal superstitious ideas, or indeed scientific proof?

In the previous situation, high technology is not so developed today, so some conditions are unbelievable, is that this situation n thanks to "God", but along with the development of high technology, gradually the basic can be expressed with the perspective of scientific research, but there are still some conditions in daily life is Can not be expressed by scientific research.

We Chinese for "Taiyang" has always had a "sense of reverence", can only watch from a distance, fear of myopic eyes, many people are also afraid to eat, and even worry about their own not good omen.

Iaiyang is only a biological, we look like meat from the appearance of the general, sand some Taiyang will continue to show a transparent color, many people say that Taiyang after eating is good for physical and mental health, and even some people say that after eating will be immortal, Taiyang is not a contemporary material, read many ancient books in China, there is also a record of Taiyang.

The vitality of Taiyang can be said to be unyielding, and in ancient times Taiyang was called "flesh lingzhi", for example, the First Emperor used to think that Taiyang could live forever after eating it, and in Li Shizhen's compendium of materia medica, Taiyang was also described in the past, so at that time everyone felt that Taiyang was a miracle cure, and coupled with the fact that Taiyang was more scarce, it was very expensive. The price is very expensive.

In fact, according to the perspective of scientific research today, Taiyang mainly relies on spores, and fungal breeding, breeding method of its specificity is very strong, it can be in the ground 100 meters of the are unyielding survival, even if not dead, will not die, can enter the transient dormant state link. The most wonderful point is that it is built-in corrosion resistance, even if buried in the ground will not rot.

BiBiologistsnot quite sure what this type of creature is, accurately classified as a non-animal, non-plant, non-edible bacteria, and even some people say that the growth and development of the taiyoung tail young the laws of nature, the Earth should not occur on this type of creature. The long is complex, because his ancient history of survival is longer, so biologists also call it a living animal fossil.

Although taiyao hHayaoays been a legendary story has a wonderful treatment of the actual effect, but at this stage never heard of who ate taiyao after the human body produced other changes, or will be good tree treatment of certain types of diseases, and now on the market taiyao good and bad, there are some poor businessmen will take the opportunity to imitate taiyao, Taiyople does not have to be such feudal superstition of personal behavior confused eyes, and do not have to try to Choose and buy, or taste taiyao.

Taiyang has a long history, indeed there are many must we go to scientific research and excavation, firmly believe that along with the development of high technology, the future will undoubtedly solve the Taiyang mystery, just look forward to the people can maintain their sanity, no need to feudal superstition and do not be afraid.


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