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The Earth is carrying mankind through the universe, where is the destination?

Cosmic microwave background radiation

By ApostolakisPublished 2 years ago 4 min read

There are many counter-intuitive phenomena in the universe, for example, according to our human intuition, the earth under our feet should be stationary, but in fact, the earth is carrying human beings flying through the universe, only because all the objects on earth are moving together with the earth, we can't feel it.

What is the speed of the Earth's movement in the universe?

The speed of the Earth is different relative to different references, so if we want to describe the speed of the Earth's movement in the universe, we should first choose a suitable reference, which should be universally applicable to all celestial bodies in the universe. So does this magic reference exist? The answer is yes, it is the famous cosmic microwave background radiation.

The cosmic microwave background radiation is a kind of electromagnetic radiation that fills the entire universe, they are the "oldest light" in the universe, and in all directions are almost identical, because all the objects in the universe are moving in the cosmic microwave background radiation, so it is also the best reference.

Scientists in the observation of the cosmic microwave background radiation, found in the same direction as the direction of motion of the Earth, the wavelength is slightly shorter (blue), and vice versa is slightly longer (red), this phenomenon is called "dipole misanthropy phenomenon", it is closely related to the observer's speed, the faster the speed, the more obvious this phenomenon.

According to this phenomenon, scientists analyzed a large number of observations and calculated that the speed of the Earth relative to the cosmic microwave background radiation is about 360 km / s, which is about 31 million kilo meters a day.

Where is the destination of the Earth carrying humans hurtling through the universe, 31 million kilo meters a day?

Within the confines of the Milky Way, the Earth is just following the Sun around the galaxy, talking about a destination, but the Milky Way itself is moving, so we should expand the scope and see how the Milky Way is moving.

For the sake of discussion, let's set the velocity of the galaxy's motion relative to the cosmic microwave background radiation as "V silver", the velocity of the Earth relative to the cosmic microwave background radiation as "V earth", and then set the current rotational velocity of the Sun as "V Tia".

Since the Earth follows the Sun in its revolution around the center of the Milky Way, and the Milky Way is leading the Sun in a more macroscopic motion, the "V-silver" is the superposition of the "V-earth" and "V-Terra" (Earth). The superimposed effect of "V Earth" and "V Pacific" (the speed of the Earth's rotation around the Sun can be ignored here), how the specific superimposed, depending on the direction of movement of the two.

Observation data shows that the current "V Earth" and "V Pacific" movement direction is almost opposite, so we can simply think: "V Silver" = "V Earth" + "V Ether".

It is known that "V Earth" is 360 km / s, and "V Pacific" is 220 km / s, according to which we can conclude that the speed of motion of the Milky Way relative to the cosmic microwave background radiation is 580 km / s (about 50 million kilo meters a day, faster than the Earth's 31 million km a day), in the direction opposite to the current rotation of the Sun.

Note that this movement of the Milky Way is not a circle, scientists have found that millions of galaxies, including the Milky Way, are moving toward a common destination, which scientists call "The Great At tractor" (The Great At tractor).

"The Great At tractor is located in the constellations of Dora do and Triangulum, 150 to 250 million light-years away, and has a gravitational pull equal to that of at least 300 billion suns, so much so that many galaxies within hundreds of millions of light-years of its vicinity are attracted to the Great At tractor and are constantly approaching it. The gravitational force is equivalent to that of at least 300 billion suns.

Since the "giant gravitational source" is just obscured by the structure of the galaxy's "silver disk", it is very difficult to study, so scientists are not sure what the "giant gravitational source" is, but can only speculate that it may be a cosmic It is speculated that it may be a huge gravitational source formed by several giant structures in the universe, but it is certain that the "giant gravitational source" is the destination to which the Milky Way is heading, which is, of course, the destination of the Earth.

However, we do not have to worry about the Earth falling into the "giant gravity source" in the future, because the universe is always expanding, and the farther away two points in the universe are, the faster they expand, which will undoubtedly lead to objects moving away from each other, and the farther away they are, the faster they move away from each other.

Research shows that for every 326 light years of distance between two points in the universe, the speed at which they move away from each other increases by 67.80 (±0.77) km/s. A simple calculation shows that at a distance of 150 million light years, this speed can reach about 3350 km/s.

This means that the Milky Way is moving toward the "giant gravitational source" at 580 km/s, and the expansion of the universe is causing the Milky Way and the "giant gravitational source" to move away from each other at a speed of at least 3350 km/s. In this way, the Milky Way is only moving further and further away from the "giant gravitational source". In this way, the galaxy will only be farther and farther away from the "giant gravitational source" and will never reach its destination, and the Earth will not fall into the "giant gravitational source".

Well, that's all for today, welcome to follow us, we'll see you next time.


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