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The day the Wu long went to Mars

What's happening in the U.S.?

By Bar wallPublished 4 months ago 3 min read
U.S. Mars Rover

Recently Chinese space once again came good news, that is, Gentian 1 and it carries the Zhou Ron Mars rover has successfully landed on the surface of Mars, which makes China after the United States and the Soviet Union outside the third country the landing technology on the surface of Mars, and in Zhou Ron on the day of Mars, NASA and Musk in what? The interesting thing is that on that day, the United States also happened a big event, that is, the United States Mars rover also conducted a lot of experiments, and this Japan and South Korean experts called it a shame, that the success of the Huron to China's space technology has been second only to the United States, other countries claiming to be a space power's speech by China mercilessly smashed.

In the field of space, Mars exploration is considered to be the first major difficulty to face in deep space exploration, compared to lunar exploration, Mars exploration requires a longer flight alone, the ground communication capabilities to ensure the normal operation of the Mars rover at a distance away, so a comprehensive test of a country's space system, the Cold War period, the United States and the Soviet Union have carried out a large number of Mars exploration missions, which even The most powerful technical strength of the United States, the overall success rate of Mars exploration is only 50%, while the Soviet Union's Mars exploration mission is rarely a complete success, after the end of the Cold War, the European Union has also conducted a Mars exploration mission, but unfortunately, until today has not been successful, so China has completed a breath of three missions around, landing and roving, so that the world is so concerned.

After the news of Zhou Ron's successful landing spread, many countries in the world friendly to China expressed their congratulations to China, and some experts from the United States and other Western countries also sincerely congratulated China on its success, such as the deputy director of NASA, but other experts sourly expressed their views, such as some media in the United States on the one hand, lightly described China's success, on the other hand, Some U.S. media outlets, for example, on the one hand, downplayed China's success, but on the other hand spent a lot of time relaying Internet comments about attacks on Chinese spaceflight, even going so far as to slander the idea that Chinese rocket wreckage could fall on crowded areas and cause casualties, etc., clearly not wanting to see China's success at all.

But no matter how the Western media and those experts with ulterior motives smear it, the improvement of China's space power is also real and can be seen, in the decades of suffering from the world blockade, China has never given up the development of space technology, and today, China's space achievements are the results of the development of efforts to blossom, after the success of the Titian 1 mission, Titian 2 mission will soon be launched, plans to go to After the success of the Titian 1 mission, the Titian 2 mission will soon be launched, with plans to explore deeper into space, while China's large launch vehicle has also begun to develop and will carry out manned missions to the moo

For China's achievements, no matter how much the United States does not want to see, they now can only pinch the nose and China's cooperation, such as in the Tangoing 1 space station project, because the Understates own International Space Station is facing the end of aging and decommissioning, in the next period, China's Tangoing space station will become the only space station in orbit, for this reason the United States applied cooperation to China, hoping to join the Tangoing space station program, but China believes that the experiments submitted by the United States are too low-tech, and requires the United States to modify the experimental plan before submitting the request, making the United States very embarrassed.

Within the field of space, peace is the main theme of development, but this does not mean that China can slow down the development of space technology, after all, there are still countries like the United States in the world, vainly trying to turn their space advantages into military advantages to pressure other countries, China to resist the pressure of the United States, it must also have a strong space technology like the United States.

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