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Ten things to do to Save Our Planet.

by π™ΊπšŽπš•πš•πš’πšŽ π™³πš˜πšžπšπš‘πšŽπš›πšπš’ ☾ about a year ago in Sustainability
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Ten ways to help climate change

Ten things to do to Save Our Planet.
Photo by Markus Spiske on Unsplash

Climate change, Something so huge, So monumental to our future and our lives- Something that many people in the one percent and below believe to be a myth, Is effecting you right now.

This huge heat wave we have just been playing victim to was the product of Global warming, It was the product of our Ozone being so depleted Earth’s very surface can’t keep the extreme heat out any longer. If you think that we were the only ones suffering in this heat, Think of Safari animals with dried up water holes and rivers- Think of the Polar Bears and the arctic animals that are losing their ice and snow of a home because they’re melting into the ocean- And the glaciers that they took refuge are now crumble to the sea.

How would you feel if you were just minding your own business at work- Chilling out, Working on some light fixtures in a building some where in manhattan- And the next thing you know the water has over flown throughout the entire city, Theres floods, People drowning, Dying- Getting hit and cut but debris, Falling into each other and buildings- Getting electricuted.

That's a possibility, It isn’t something that would just happen in the case of a tsunami of typhoon, It's something that could happen if we don’t stop climate change, Because the ocean and the sea are a simple matter of volume.

If you fill up your bathtub a few inches above half way, And then you proceed to sit yourself in the tub- The water will overflow, The water is trying to find space where there is none, And because of the new change in volume, The water is displaced. It's the same results with icebergs and glaciers melting and crashing into our oceans. One of these days the metaphorical bathtub is going to overflow and the bathroom floor will be the very land you live on.

So, How do you combat this? How do you fight Global Warming and the huge Climate Crisis that is currently riddling our planet? This is how, I now present to you ten ways to help save our Earth.

CHANGE YOUR LIGHTBULBS TO LEDS- A good quality LED light bulb can last up to twenty five times longer and are more durable, And use at least seventy five percent less energy than the bulbs that are used on the average. If you chose to make this change and switch to LED lights and it became a widespread practice in the United States it would save the equivalent annual electrical output of forty four large power plants.

WASH CLOTHES IN COLD WATER- A not so fun fact is that americans still wash their laundry in warm water- Not only does it cost more but it uses more electricity and energy, Taking a large toll on the environment. A total of seventy five percent of the energy use and green house gas emissions made by a single load of laundry just comes from warming the water itself. It's actually a strictly unnecessary practice as studies show that washing clothes in cool or cold water has the exact same outcome.

UPCYCLE YOUR FURNITURE AND TRASH- Not only is this one of the more fun and useful ways to save our earth, But it's something literally anyone can do. You can use different types of jars for storage, candles, art, You can even use the lids as ring holders and decorative ornaments. If you poke holes in the bottle top of a milk carton, You’ve just invented a watering can. However, If you’d like to up your game you can use wood palettes to use as a box spring for your bed/ An elevation. You can even turn an old suitcase into a chair using the right frame and enough filling.

RECYCLE YOUR CLOTHES- On average a single American throws away about eighty pounds of clothing a year, Not only is that wasteful but those clothes could be β€˜recycled’ by giving back to those in need. If you don’t feel like giving away your old clothes, You can always β€˜remix’ them and turn them into something you want to wear.

EDUCATE YOURSELF AND OTHERS- Knowledge is such an amazing tool, In this world knowledge is the most powerful weapon you can possibly have. If you share this post, Other articles, Lists, Powerful images and videos to social media and other facets- You can share the knowledge and hopefully others will as well. Educate yourself by any means necessary! Start reading up on what you can do, Look at the numbers, Look at the facts. Figure out how you can help- Read about what plants can help the environment, Read about how large companies effect our planet. Read about what companies are eco friendly and which ones aren't! Knowledge is power.

SIGN PETITIONS- If you genuinely want to make a change, Sign petitions- Get out there, Make your own, Share ones already made, Tell people why this is important, Not just for you but for them as well! Climate change affects us all.

AVOID PLASTIC- A material that is used in almost every industry can seem pretty unavoidable, But if you have the choice between buying something with plastic packaging and buying something that can be reused or upcycled like something glass, You should make the eco friendly choice of a glass rather than the plastic. I know it’s more expensive and that can be hard for the working class, But I’m pretty sure boiling to death is worse.

PLANT TREES- Plant more trees, Save our forests, Woodlands, and Jungles- They are the biggest Oxygen admittance and without them we will perish, And it won’t be just us, It’ll be the animals that call those places their homes. So plant trees, and if you cant plant trees, Plant flowers, Garden fruit and veggies, Plant cloves, Basil, Bamboo, Mint- Just plant.

USE YOUR VOICE- Next to knowledge the most powerful thing you have is your voice. So use it, This isn’t something that is going to go away, This is our planet, Our livelihoods, Our homes- We cannot let this die down, So use your voice, Go to protests, Scream, Shout, Write essays, Poems, Articles, Songs- Do what you can to make a change and do not let this planet go without a fight- We are not out of hope yet, But the minute you decide to lie down and let this planet die is the minute we deserve for it to.

REACH OUT TO YOUR GOVERNMENT- This isn’t just about the petitions you sign and the people you enlighten, This is about how you do it. Reach out to your local government officials, Call their office until they put you through, Send the petitions to their emails, Send the petitions to their office doors, Do everything you possibly can and anything in this world that you can think of.

I’ve given you ten ways to help save our planet, Now I’m challenging you to give me ten more, If you write an article based off this one you can tag me on Facebook on @KellieDougherty and Instagram @kellie_space_

Please, Do anything and everything you can to save our planet because the majority of the world don’t have millions of dollars to hitch a ride in search of another planet. Everyday people won't survive, Neither will your dogs, Cats, guinea pigs, Snakes, Lizards- Your house pets won't live through climate change, And neither will the animals just trying to live their lives out in the wild.


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