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Synarion IT Solutions Stood Out Amongst Top TikTok App Development Companies in India

Why choose us for your TikTok App Development?

By Vajid KhanPublished 2 years ago 6 min read
TikTok App Development

Synarion IT Solutions is one of the premium and reputed IT companies in India which develops websites, apps, games, etc., depending upon the service required by the client. It is said to be one of the best mobile app development, website development, and software development companies in the industry, with an experience of more than five years. Still, the employees and developers know a minimum of 10 years.

It is a Jaipur-based company which was founded by the owner of the company, Mohini Sharma in 2017. They provide the service with the most advanced technologies and employees who are top-notch experts in their job. Not only do they create anything you want with the best technologies and animations, but also some professionals give you better ideas for business development and promotion of their firm and app.

Even if it is a quite a recently started company, Synarion IT Solutions is very helpful in creating A-Class websites and applications. The software is so up to date and has so many features that makes their product highly effective, robust and scalable. They even give you business ideas and plan the designing and blueprint of your website or app according to your ideas and would give their best opinions which would help in the growth and advertising of your business or start-up.

What is TikTok?

We all are aware of the famous video-creating app TikTok. It is a free public platform, and the videos created by the users can be posted, and other people can view it too. Just like Instagram, a person can also follow other creators and get any updates about their new posts or videos.

In TikTok, users can record a video with a minimum duration of 15 seconds and a maximum duration of 10 minutes. People can add various effects and audio to their videos. The application also gives a feature to create a collaboration video with other users from a long distance.

In September 2016, it was launched in China with the name The company later changed it to Douyin in December 2016. Later, in September 2017, it was launched in most other markets worldwide for iOS and Android. Within a year of its launch, TikTok had over 100 million users, and video views reached nearly a billion daily. In the US, TikTok has been downloaded almost 130 million times and has a worldwide download of almost 2 billion.

When TikTok was launched, many celebrities started to join the platform and were quite fascinated with it. Many people got a chance to showcase their talent in front of a vast audience even if they did not have the financial sources to go to reality shows or somewhere else. For many people who did not get the initial permission to follow their passion, TikTok allowed them to perform freely without any restrictions, with a massive audience to watch and appreciate their talent.

But in India, the Government banned this app due to privacy reasons. But Synarion IT Solutions has decided to make an app similar to TikTok. But before moving on to the app discussion, let's know more about Synarion IT Solutions.

The employees of this company have a piece of vast knowledge in many fields. They can give you light to various industries and empower your imagination, and spreading of business in many industries. Thus, Synarion IT Solutions is spread over many fields and provides many services. A few of them are listed down below:

  1. Website or mobile application development
  2. Game development
  3. Chatbot development
  4. Digital marketing services
  5. Internet of Things development
  6. E-commerce site development

Synarion provides many more services, but it is not

Why is Synarion preferred over other app development companies in India?

There are tons of app development software and platforms. There must be a reason that it is trusted by over 10 million clients and has become so popular among online business handlers. To know why we must look at the advantages of this app development software over the others.

  1. The employees are humble and give top-notch service. They are professional with their job. Some of the employees even have an experience of more than ten years. Some professionals would even give you more ideas about increasing your business and advertising to attract more and more customers.
  2. The employees are skilled in many computer languages, and development platforms such as PHP, Java, iOS development, logo designing, digital marketing and SEO and many more industry experts are present to give you the best of your interest.
  3. They provide comprehensive and outstanding service to them to their clients. They do everything from app development to developing games or creating UI/UX interfaces and animations, digital marketing, web designing and many more services.
  4. Synarion IT Solutions does the tasks mentioned above, clones apps, adds certain extra features with a great layout, and even makes the application operation from the front end easier; thus, their made apps are favourites for the general public.

From the advantages mentioned earlier of the software, we can understand how important it has become to develop apps or websites for your business. Thus, Synarion covers all the endpoints and fulfils all the wishes of the client to give them the best working apps. These points are enough to show why it has become people's favourite.

It has been trending that Synarion IT Solutions plans to make a clone of TikTok but a better version. Many other apps, such as Instagram, YouTube, etc., have included the TikTok Clone feature in their app and tried to do something new, but it again ends up as a copy of TikTok. Keeping this in mind, Synarion has announced to make their app clone better than TikTok, and they would also add new features to the app.

Synarion's 3 most crucial solutions which helped lot of TikTok app development countries in India:

One of the services of Synarion is to make app clones of popular and much-used apps. They have already made clones of apps such as Swiggy, Ola, etc., but now they have decided to make one of the famous content-creating public platforms, TikTok.

There have been many companies which have made TikTok-like apps in India. But why did they do so? In the year 2020, the Indian Government had banned TikTok and many other Chinese applications due to privacy issues. Thus, many companies and app development software started working on this issue so that they create an app clone of TikTok and also resolve this issue and many other issues which were there in TikTok.

Synarion has given few solutions and made an app clone of TikTok along with added features and most importantly, increased privacy by encrypting the data and hiding personal details of the users from third party sites and cookies. Their expert team has spent a considerable amount of time to make the clone app and make enough modifications to it so that it is loved by the general public as well as, keeping their safety and privacy in consideration, they have made many data lock and data hiding features of this application in order to make it a win-win situation for everyone.

Along with the modifications in its privacy policy, there were few more modifications which were required in the operation of the app by the users. There were various issues which the users faced while using the original TikTok app and requested for modifications and debugging in those features. Synarion has kept that in mind while creating its clone and thus, they have modified and made easier steps to do the complicated and difficult tasks. The most requested features which required modifications were:

  • The log in/ sign up option
  • Video editing
  • Profile and its editing

These difficulties have been solved in the app clones of the original app by Synarion and the solutions has been discussed briefly in the given points below:

1. Log in/Sign up:

The login feature in the app clone of TikTok would be much easier to use and user-friendly than the original app and other clones. If a user forgets their password, then the account recovery is a more manageable process without much hassle.

2. Video editing:

The feature to edit the videos and clips, for example, trimming the videos, adding sound effects, and other effects would be easier. Previously, in-app editing would take a lot of time, so people had to edit their videos in other apps and upload them to the app, but it became a hassle. Thus, video editing will be easier in the new app clone of TikTok created by Synarion.

3. Profile:

This time, the users will have more access to their profiles than last. This time, the app gives its users access to hide certain information from the general public or some specified contacts. They can edit their profiles along with the hiding feature and many more features very quickly and according to their individual needs.

We hope you’ve find this article useful and informative. If you’re also thinking of developing an application of popular TikTok Application then get in touch with our sales team at Synarion IT Solutions.


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