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"Spiral" flying objects appear? U.S. to hold 'UFO hearing'

U.S. to hold 'UFO hearing'

By adalberto alejandrinaPublished 3 months ago 6 min read

It seems that there has been no news about UFOs for a while. Have UFOs disappeared? In fact, the so-called UFO is not necessarily a flying saucer from an alien planet. Some unknown natural phenomena or artificial flying objects may be mistaken for a UFO.

For example, on the night of April 17, 2022, the staff of the Subaru Telescope (Subaru) found a small bright spot in the sky. This small bright spot is very special and looks like a spiral structure like mosquito coils. This white, spiral structure of unknown object spins all the way in the night sky, and finally slowly disappears on the distant horizon. What the hell is this spiral UFO? Why does it have such a structure, and why does it rotate during flight?

It turned out that this so-called mosquito coil-shaped UFO did not come from an alien planet, but a man-made object. Because SpaceX launched a Falcon 9 rocket that day, the spiral-shaped object was just the effect of the rocket's second-stage engine re-entering the atmosphere. Because the second stage of the rocket generally has more propellant than the mission needs, so as to avoid the lack of power caused by various reasons and affect the launch of the spacecraft. When the mission is completed, the second-stage rocket will leave the re-entry atmosphere. During this process, the rocket will rotate. Since it carries more propellant, the rocket needs to discharge the remaining propellant. At this time, we see the spiral A "mosquito-repellent UFO".

U.S. to hold 'UFO hearing'

As a topic that everyone pays more attention to, scientists have also carried out a lot of research on UFOs, trying to find the truth of these so-called UFOs, or find more explanations about UFOs. According to the plan, the U.S. House of Representatives Intelligence Committee will hold a hearing on UFO-related issues on May 7, 2022, the first time the United States has held a hearing on this issue in more than 50 years.

After a lapse of decades, the United States is now holding another hearing. Did the United States discover something? In this hearing, a public hearing will be held in the morning, and then it will focus on the "Aerial Target Recognition and Management Synchronization Team" established by the United States last year, and will hold a closed-door hearing on it. Rep. Andre Carson, chairman of the investigation subcommittee, said he has been concerned about the issue of these UFOs, which is not only a threat to national security, but also concerns the vital interests of the American people.

After so long, the United States suddenly has a hearing. Will it show us more details about UFOs in this hearing? This is a concern for everyone, but let's not hold out too much hope. Because the United States published a UFO report last year, the report mentioned 144 UFO sightings observed in the United States between 2004 and 2021, but did not elaborate on the details of these sightings. This report may seem like a lot to cover, but it actually doesn't seem to say anything.

Where might UFOs come from?

Although no evidence of alien life or alien civilization has been found yet, and there is no direct evidence to prove that these so-called UFOs are aircraft of alien civilization, some UFOs are indeed very strange, for example, some flying objects The shape of the aircraft does not conform to aerodynamics, that is, there are no wings, propulsion systems, etc. like human aircraft. Some flying objects fly extremely fast, and their maneuverability is beyond our imagination. arrived. In view of the existence of some UFOs with unimaginable flying abilities, many people believe that these UFOs with super flying abilities may really come from the hands of intelligent life more advanced than us humans.

The most advanced intelligent life known on earth is us human beings. If there are intelligent life more advanced than us, where do they come from? There are some viewpoints that the UFOs with super flying capabilities that we see may be the aircraft of alien civilizations. Since the aircraft of alien civilizations can reach the earth from the depths of the distant universe, the level of technology of alien civilizations must be far away. It is normal for superhuman beings to fly beyond our imagination.

There are also some opinions that the UFOs with super-flying capabilities that we see are not necessarily the aircraft of alien civilizations, but may be the aircraft of human beings in the future. That is to say, this view holds that the future human beings will appear in front of us in time and space in the future aircraft. Since their aircrafts come from the future, their flight capabilities will inevitably exceed our current technical level.

Scientists: Earth may have been exposed

This seems to be a very scary thing to think about. You must know that the technology of alien civilizations that can reach the earth must far exceed ours. If these alien civilizations really exist, and they are evil, then we humans may be in front of them. Just vulnerable. If they are kind, they may help humanity develop technology and solve all kinds of problems that we can't solve right now.

Although we don't know whether alien civilization is evil or kind, some scientists are still committed to finding alien life, alien civilization, and even actively contacting alien civilization. In the past few decades, scientists have successively launched interstellar probes such as Pioneer 10, Pioneer 11, Voyager 1, and Voyager 2. These interstellar probes all carry some basic human beings. Information, for example, the Pioneer 10 and Pioneer 11 probes each carried a gold-plated aluminum plate with a portrait of a man and a woman engraved on it, as well as some symbols to indicate the source of the interstellar spacecraft, that is, to indicate the solar system , the position of the earth. The Voyager 1 and Voyager 2 probes carried copper records with information on humans and the solar system, as well as greetings in different voices.

In theory, if alien civilizations intercept these interstellar probes and identify the contents of these gold-plated aluminum plates and copper records, then they will know the existence of the earth and the existence of human beings. We humans may be exposed.

In addition, scientists have also sent some radio signals to the depths of the universe in an attempt to establish contact with potential alien civilizations. For example, scientists once used the Arecibo radio telescope in the United States to transmit an Arecibo signal, which also contained some information about humans. Compared to interstellar probes, radio signals travel faster and are more likely to be detected by advanced alien civilizations. So there are also many people who worry that the earth may really be exposed.

Of course, it is not known for the time being whether alien life and alien civilization exist. There are so many exoplanets in the depths of the universe, and it is normal for alien life and civilization to exist. However, the distance between habitable planets is relatively far, and the universe is so empty. The direction is not necessarily the existence of alien life and alien civilization. The key is that when those radio signals are sent out, and when these signals reach a certain life planet, if the alien civilization on this planet does not receive it in time, they will miss it forever, and naturally they will not be able to discover us. Therefore, it is not very likely that alien civilizations can identify our radio signals or intercept interstellar probes such as Voyager 1.


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