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Sowing Hope: A Forest Dream Based on Motherhood and Advocacy

Dragons Beside Me: An Inspirational, Resilient, and Eco-Friendly Journey

By Fathima AsnaPublished 2 months ago 3 min read

I have always felt a deep connection to the earthly symphony that nature plays, even as a young woman. The sound of rustling leaves whispering secrets to the wind, vivid greens filling my dreams, and the comforting lullaby of invisible birds chirping. So, it should come as no surprise that I felt a sharp pain in my heart as I saw our planet's emerald embrace slowly fading.

However, two beacons of hope—international celebrities like Priyanka Chopra and Emma Watson—rose out of the darkness. Despite having had rather different journeys, these amazing individuals provided me with the motivation and strength I needed. But my mother, who is closest to me, was another strong influence that molded my course.

My desire for time freedom—the capacity to devote myself fully to my passion project—location freedom—the ability to live and work anywhere surrounded by nature—and financial freedom—the ability to follow this dream unhindered—was echoed by Priyanka Chopra and Emma Watson. A different type of freedom, though, was ingrained in me by my mother: the freedom to dream, the freedom to trust in myself, and the freedom to stand up for my convictions in the face of social pressure.

My mother was the first and most important dragon by my side, whether it was with her tender care, wise words, or a strong voice that called out to me in the night. She saw my early forays into nature, the wonder in my eyes each time I came across a new discovery, and the sadness I had upon discovering that there were environmental dangers.

I can clearly remember one particular example. I was upset after watching a video about deforestation when I must have been ten years old. Upon noticing my hopelessness, my mother took me to a chair and embraced me. With empathy mixed with firm conviction, she said, "The world may seem like a vast and overwhelming place, sweetheart "However, modest deeds can have a big impact. Recall that a forest grows its trees one seed at a time."

Her remarks struck a deep chord with me. They sowed the seed of optimism, the conviction that I might make a positive difference too. My mother taught me the value of taking initiative and having unflinching faith, even if she didn't have a large following or influence on the world stage.

Although individuals such as Priyanka Chopra and Emma Watson inspired me and influenced my advocacy style, my mother remained the unsung hero at the center of my path. She instilled in me tenacity, kindness, and a profound regard for environment, which would later become the cornerstones of my dream.

There's more to my concept for the vast forest than merely making a physical area. It's a reflection of the morals my mother taught me. It serves as a platform for education and community involvement, a refuge for a variety of life forms, a living example of the delicate balance of our ecosystem, and a monument to the power of nurture.

There will be difficulties, disappointments, and times when uncertainty appears. But when those times come, I will remember the dragons by my side: my mother, who serves as a constant source of inspiration for me and who shows me the value of personal initiative and steadfast belief; and the world leaders who motivate and inspire me.

I am a brave woman, a dreamer, and a lover of the outdoors. I am aware of the extra challenges and social expectations that I may encounter as a woman pursuing this bold objective. However, I also acknowledge the innate resilience and strength I possess—resilience and strength that have been handed down through the generations of women, including my mother. I know that one seed at a time, with the steadfast spirit of these incredible women as my compass and my own inner strength, I can make my goal come true.

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Fathima Asna

By day, 🌟 analyze data; by night, I dream of greening the world. Data analytics, digital marketing, and a passion for sustainable solutions.

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  • Test2 months ago

    It serves as a reminder that with determination and perseverance, anything is possible.

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