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Solarmax Vs Sunrun - Which One is Best?

You should congratulate yourself if you have decided to purchase solar panels for your home or office. However, the next major issue is deciding on which solar panel brand is best for you.

By Mustafa SakibPublished 2 months ago 6 min read

Purchasing solar panels might be the most beneficial decision you've ever made, not only ecologically but also financially. The cost and production advancements are gradually making solar power panels a viable option not just for large businesses but also for private customers. You should congratulate yourself if you have decided to purchase solar panel for your home or office. However, the next major issue is deciding on which solar panel brand is best for you.

Several companies are offering solar panels. For a newbie, this might be a wholly puzzling decision to make, as solar panels are quite expensive. The ultimate decision would be based on a variety of factors, including your requirements, budget, and a trusted brand, that will not only assist you with your setup but will also be available to serve its guarantee.

Company Profile of SolarMax

SolarMax is a brand of Power Highway that has been providing cost-effective renewable energy products to the corporate, residential, and commercial sectors in the United States since 2007. The purpose is to dedicate themselves to a healthy world with a low-carbon economy.

This brand specializes in designing and selling Solar Panels, Inverters, Batteries, Charge Controllers, related accessories, gadgets, and Complete Solar Solutions.

Company Profile of Sunrun

Sunrun creates solar panel configurations tailored to a roof's shape using satellite images, offering homeowners greater control over the appearance and function of their constructions. The company included a domestic sun battery garage service named Brightbox.

Sunrun also provides a wide range of solar financing options to its customers. Sunrun's rapid expansion has been enabled by catering to a huge customer base, but it has also presented challenges that have harmed the company's online reputation.

Short explanations of Solarmax and Sunrun's services

Solarmax and Sunrun have been providing top-quality solar panel services to their customer base. In the following points, we will describe the services provided by these two companies-

SolarMax Solar Services

SolarMax gives solar panel set-up services for residential and business clients. For Solar Panel Installation, SolarMax uses a five-step approach that provides service from consultation to installation. The service includes-

1. Consultation: Before offering a quote to clients, SolarMax calls for a session to research your own home’s strength intake and sun readiness. This session would often include a financial savings evaluation, as well as a discussion about power requirements and consumption.

2. Financing: SolarMax gives several financing alternatives, such as in-residence loans, and discusses financing earlier than coming into the layout phase.

3. Design: SolarMax assigns a skilled solar panel engineer to your own home to lay out a machine that contours your roof and strength requirement.

4. Permitting: Since an allowance is needed earlier than set up begins, a SolarMax representative will attain this allowance for you via way of means of filing the essential programs and paying the specified fees.

5. Installation: Once your machine has been developed and the necessary permits have been obtained, a technician may begin the installation. SolarMax also provides a company setup that provides solar panels for businesses of any size. Similar to a household solar panel installation, an assessment of your company's power consumption is required before creating a machine that is ready for installation.

Solar Battery Backup

SolarMax also provides power garages for home and commercial clients to set up services. Solar batteries provide a way for home customers to capture excess power during a blackout or other disaster. SolarMax provides an LG 10 kilowatt-hour (kWh) household battery that provides the following benefits to customers:

● Accessible strength that routinely switches on whilst power is lost

● A rechargeable battery that’s powered via way of means of your solar panels

● 10kWh well worth of backup strength able to retain critical home equipment and lighting on for the duration of a prolonged blackout period

How Much Does SolarMax Cost?

Although SolarMax doesn’t offer pricing info on their website, the value of your sun panel machine may be stricken by a selection of things, such as:

● Household electric demand

● Size of your roof

● Choice of sun panels

● Cost of labor

● Solar incentives for your area

Types of Solar Panels Offered via way of means of SolarMax

SolarMax provides 4 extraordinary solar panels. In addition to its solar panel offering, SolarMax sells LG, QCELL, and Panasonic sun panels that include their very own wonderful advantages.

1. SolarMax SMX: This tremendous three-hundred monocrystalline sun panel is designed, engineered, and assembled withinside the U.S.

2. LG: The LG sun panel is thought of for its excessive-powered output and stronger overall performance warranty.

3. QCELL: This sun panel offers excessive performance and climate rankings for severe climates.

4. Panasonic: The Panasonic sun panel has a low, long-time period degradation and is distinctly efficient.

SolarMax Warranty

SolarMax protects its clients with 3 wonderful warranties, every spanning 25 years:

● A 25-12 months sun panel warranty

● A 25-12 months inverter warranty

● A 25-12 months workmanship warranty

Sunrun Solar Services

Sunrun's growth over the last 15 years has pushed them to the front of the residential solar panel industry. The company has installed approximately 285,000 solar and battery structures in 20 states. It provides consumers with a comprehensive solar installation procedure, inverter, backup batteries, and home power tracking, as well as continuous protection.

Sunrun Installation

Sunrun provides solar panel shopping options and installation if you're looking to save money on your electric-powered bill. The company handles the entire setup procedure, so you don't have to worry about additional costs. Here's what you should expect with a standard solar device set up using Sunrun:

1. Site assessment: Your solar panels must be facing the correct direction to successfully harvest power. Sunrun professionals will determine if your property can guide solar electricity throughout the website's online evaluation since some houses acquire an excessive quantity of color to supply solar electricity.

2. Design approval: After the web website online assessment, Sunrun designs your device before the setup procedure.

3. Permitting: Before set up, the employer will contend with the metropolis allowing for you.

4. City/county inspection: Before it may be connected to the power grid, the city must authorize the installation.

5. Solar panel set up: Sunrun will set up your solar panels within 5 days of receiving an allowance and affirmation out of your metropolis or county.

6. Utility interconnection: Sunrun will communicate at once with the employee to set up internet metering and join your device to the grid.

7. Power up: Once the employee approves the operation, you may begin the usage of your device.

Sunrun provides proactive tracking for BrightSave and Protection Plus products, assessing the operation of your equipment and ensuring that all aspects are in proper functioning condition.

Sunrun Warranties

All of Sunrun's solar panels are covered by the company's 10 months warranty. This warranty covers all components and labor expenses for device replacements and repairs. Though it is less than the firms that provide 20 to 25 months guarantee, it is far more thorough.

How Much Do Sunrun’s Solar Panel Systems Cost?

The cost of a solar device from a specific provider is difficult to predict because prices vary widely depending on your state, your roof, and your property's power requirements. Because Sunrun has been the market leader for a short time, most other solar firms just supply installations at a somewhat lower price to give them a competitive edge. This is yet another reason we encourage our readers to obtain costs from competitive solar firms.

Sunrun's growth can also be attributed to its use of solar leases, which allow homeowners to rent solar equipment from Sunrun every month. While leasing panels provide immediate power savings at a low upfront cost, purchasing panels provides the best long-term value.


After reading this article, I hope it has helped you determine which solar panel company is best for you. By comparing Solarmax vs. Sunrun, you may be able to choose the best solar panel provider for your specific needs. The best solar panel among these two is determined by your desires and tastes. SolarMax is the way to go if you want the most long-lasting and environmentally friendly solar panel. Sunrun, on the other hand, is the better option if you require an easy-to-install solar panel.


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