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Scientists discover mysterious 'yellow brick road' at the bottom of the Pacific Ocean

Secrets of Underwater Civilization

By adalberto alejandrinaPublished 3 months ago 6 min read

The universe has existed for more than 13 billion years, the earth has existed for more than 4 billion years, and the earth has nurtured life for more than 3 billion years, while we humans have only existed for a few million years. So some people think that before the emergence of humans, there may have been prehistoric civilizations on the earth. We cannot find these prehistoric civilizations now. It may be that they have been destroyed, or they may have achieved interstellar immigration and left the earth.

From the perspective of the development of human technology, the technology in the future is obviously more developed than it is now. It is possible for human beings to achieve interstellar immigration in the future, and immigrate to Mars or more distant exoplanets. Before the emergence of human beings, the earth had enough time to develop the so-called prehistoric civilization, and theoretically enough time for them to develop in a more advanced direction. When a certain level of development is reached, the prehistoric civilization may indeed leave the earth. .

Of course, the development of science and technology needs to consume a lot of energy, such as the consumption of fossil fuels. In the process, it may cause a series of problems, such as climate warming. Once the problem of climate warming is out of control, it may limit the prehistoric The development of civilization may even destroy prehistoric civilization. In addition, disasters such as asteroid impact on the earth, super volcanic eruption, nuclear war, and the invasion of the earth by advanced alien civilizations will also lead to the destruction of prehistoric civilizations. piece

In addition, some people think that the prehistoric civilization of the earth may not be destroyed, and may not have left the earth, but lived in other areas, such as underground or under the sea, which is what we often call geocentric civilization, Or submarine civilization. From what scientists know about the earth, as the depth continues to increase, the temperature inside the earth will continue to rise, and the temperature in the earth's core may be as high as 6000 ℃, which is higher than the temperature on the surface of the sun. In addition, the interior of the earth is not hollow, but solid. In theory, there is no space for the survival of the civilization in the center of the earth. Therefore, many people think that the so-called geocentric civilization may not exist in the interior of the earth. If the geocentric civilization does not exist, does the submarine civilization exist?

The name Earth is actually not very vivid, because the surface area of ​​the earth is very high. The ocean accounts for about 71% of the surface area of ​​the earth, and the land only accounts for 29%. The earth seen from outer space is like a " water polo". Although the ocean area of ​​the earth is very large, it is not the area where we humans live, because we humans cannot survive in the ocean. In addition, the average water depth of the ocean is close to 4000 meters, and the deepest point can even reach tens of thousands of meters. . Under such circumstances, we humans cannot go directly to the depths of the sea, even with the help of some advanced submersibles, it is not very easy to go deep into the sea.

Therefore, our knowledge of the ocean can be said to be negligible, and there are still a lot of unknown secrets in the depths of the ocean. As we continue to explore the deep sea, we gradually unlock the secrets of the seabed. No, scientists have discovered the mysterious "yellow brick road" at the bottom of the Pacific Ocean. Will it have something to do with the so-called submarine civilization?

Mysterious 'yellow brick road' found at the bottom of the Pacific Ocean

An exploration ship called the Nautilus has discovered a strange feature on the bottom of the Pacific Ocean that looks like a cobblestone road. From the photos taken, we can see that there is a relatively neat layer of "brick"-like objects on the seabed. Except that the "bricks" in the edge area are a bit fragmented, the "bricks" in the middle are relatively complete. When researchers saw this, they described it as the "yellow brick road" or "the road to Atlantis."

Atlantis is one of the prehistoric civilizations that we often talk about. There are some views that they exist, but they have perished. The reason for their extinction may be that a great flood occurred in prehistoric times and engulfed them. Although no one has seen the Atlantis civilization, there are indeed records of Atlantis in history. The earliest record appeared in the ancient Greek philosopher Plato's book "Dialogues", when Plato first Depicts Atlantis.

Moreover, when scientists probed the relevant sea areas, they did find some strange situations, similar to the legendary Atlantis civilization. For example, Atlantis researcher Sergio Frau and others discovered a "ruin" that looked like an underwater Pompeii at the southern end of the Mediterranean island, a situation similar to Plato's description of Atlanti s very close.

Do these undersea discoveries really have anything to do with prehistoric civilizations?

Although scientists found some objects that looked like "bricks" deep under the sea when they were exploring, there is no evidence that these are the remains of prehistoric civilizations, and there is no evidence that they are traces of submarine civilizations. Because there are too many such delusions. We cannot see something like a prehistoric civilization and consider it as evidence that prehistoric civilization existed.

When it comes to similar illusions, there are many planets like Mars. What we see below is the "thighbone"-shaped object photographed by the Mars rover on the surface of Mars. At that time, many people thought it was the "thighbone" of Martians, or that aliens from other planets left on Mars. the "thigh bone". Scientists say that this so-called "femur" is actually just a specially shaped rock.

Take a look at the photo below. The objects in the picture are also somewhat similar to our human aircraft engines, which were also captured by the Mars rover on Mars. At that time, some people thought that this was the engine of the Martians. We couldn't see the details because this "engine" had existed for a long time, and Mars often had overwhelming dust storms, and the so-called "engine" was eventually lifted by dust Covered, only a rough outline can be seen. Scientists think it's just a rock shaped like a motor.

While we are committed to finding these so-called prehistoric civilizations, we may be concerned once we discover the remains of prehistoric civilizations. Because as similar civilizations, if prehistoric civilizations existed but disappeared, will the future of our species be the same as these potential prehistoric civilizations?


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