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Private Pool Villa in Wayanad

Why we choose private pool villa in Wayanad

By Shahinshad cPublished 3 months ago 4 min read
private pool villa in Wayanad

Are you looking for a luxurious and private getaway in the beautiful hills of Wayanad? Then look no further than a private pool villa Wayanad. These villas offer stunning views, modern amenities, and a peaceful atmosphere that will make your stay truly unforgettable. With top-notch facilities, such as private pools, spas, gazebos, and more, you can be sure to enjoy all the comforts of your home while also taking advantage of the stunning natural beauty that surrounds you. Whether you’re looking for a romantic retreat or just want to relax and unwind with family or friends, these villas are perfect for your needs. So come explore the best of Wayanad with a stay in one of these amazing private pool villas!

Kuruva Island Resort and spa are one of the best private pool villas in Wayanad. They are providing a private pool villa with 55 rooms and a separate house. The room is well-furnished, clean, and spacious and it has all the facilities one needs in order to stay comfortable. It also has a terrace with views of the surrounding scenery and activities around the hotel area. The resort is located in an isolated yet serene place. The hotel also has a spa, outdoor pool, and coffee shop.

Positioned on the banks of the Kabini River, this luxury 5-star resort offers guests everything they need in the magnific atmosphere of estates. Our romantic estates are well-designed to see the mountains and have great views. Equipped with a private pool, it has a small living area, a sun-drenched sundeck, walk-in wardrobes, important body showers, plush innards, open-to-sky bath auditoriums, and everything from heavenly beds to state-of-the-art amenities. Each of our estates is rich with precisely designed aesthetics and entire amenities. Eventually, take a look at the beautiful decor of the girding timber. of course, you'll no way forget the stylistic harmony and fascinating sprightliness of this place.

This beautiful pastoral area welcomes guests with its falls, tea and coffee estates, lakes, and expansive foliage and fauna. You have heard a lot about Wayanad and read a lot about it. You may want to witness it for yourself! Talking of Wayanad, the true paradise of God's own country shines with beautiful pastoral geographies. For those who want a quiet and peaceful time and want to have a satisfactory time close to nature, there's no better option in Kerala. Wayanad isn't only a place of rich foliage, falls, and fantastic fauna but also a place of passage for all history suckers. Then, the days are cheered by the beautiful country, and the nights echo the meter of the cans, the music of the flutes, and the husky recitals of the endemic lines. After all, the lush green fields in the distance will fill your mind with joy. However, the desert, warmth, and excitement of Wayanad also make your coming holiday then, If you're going to explore the beauty. We put this post up for those of you who want to understand Wayanad in the most pleasurable way for excursionists like you and immerse yourself completely in the beauty of Wayanad. Make your coming holiday at Kurava Island Resort, one of the stylish exchange resorts in Wayanad. Chembra Peak(,100 m) is the loftiest peak in Wayanad and can be seen from nearly all corridors of Wayanad. Ideal for touring suckers, this place is a perfect stop for serene decor and adventure trips. Previous authorization must be attained from the Meppadi Forest Office before going for touring on this peak. positioned on the foothills of the Nilgiris in Tamil Nadu and Vallarimala in Kozhikode, this place can be reached on the bottom from the city of Meppadi. Keep in mind that night camping at Chembra Peak isn't allowed as there's a trouble of lurking wildlife. Banasura Sagar Dam, the largest earth levee in India and the second largest of its kind in Asia, is another major sightseer magnet in Wayanad. This grave is made of huge boulders and boulders and is located at a distance of about 15 km from Kalpetta. The levee has a large aquifer and is enhanced by a series of mountains in the background. The near mountains are known as the Banasura Hills. Ideal for touring, these scenic hills attract a large number of audacious excursionists. One of the most beautiful places in Wayanad, this levee is notorious for its beautiful foliage and fauna, majestic hills, and spectacular falls. It's a shooter's favorite place as it offers the most beautiful views from the top of the hill. Kuruva Island, Wayanad Kuruva Island, full of beautiful aqueducts and geographies, is girdled by lush flowers and trees that will allure your heart. Wayanad is a defended swash delta conforming to a group of islets in the middle of the Kabini River and is rich in foliage and fauna. In this evergreen place with a serene atmosphere, you can see numerous seductive effects like islands made of bamboo and other rare species of trees. While living in the depths of the islet, you can explore the uninhabited islet of rare catcalls, orchids, and sauces. Pookot Lake is a natural freshwater lake located in the Wayanad quarter at an elevation of 770 m above the ocean position. It offers a golden occasion to soak up the beautiful decor around you and spend a lazy evening looking at Pookot Lake. You can go voyaging on the lake and shop at the small handcraft emporium on the props of the lake. positioned amidst the evergreen timbers girdled by the Western Ghats, this beautiful lake is a favorite destination of all the excursionists visiting Wayanad. Among these Kuruva Island Resort and spa is one of the best resorts in Wayanad.


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Kuruva island Resorts and spa is one of the best Honeymoon resorts in Wayanad. The resort is also known as the best resort in Wayanad near Kuruva Island.

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