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Peacock's dream

by megangochoa about a month ago in Nature
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My Fairy Tale

Peacock has a dream to become a phoenix.

The phoenix is the legendary king of birds, with gorgeous feathers, able to fly freely in the sky, but also able to use a variety of magical spells.

To become a phoenix is not so easy, after all, this thing will not be taught in school, and can not learn from which book, ask others to teach will only be taken as a laughing stock. Peacock also understands that his dream may never really come true, but at least do "look like", it is also a step closer to the dream.

The first thing to learn is the feathers of the phoenix. Although the peacock's feathers are also considered synonymous with "gorgeous" but compared to the phoenix is still too far away. So from this moment on, the peacock will pay extra attention to the maintenance of their feathers, all the things that will damage the feathers, he is determined not to do.

There are several times, small friends came to find peacocks together to play. The peacock itself very much wants to go, want to go to the heart straight itch, but also think of their dreams, and finally refused the invitation of the pals.

However it is not enough just to take care of the feathers beautifully, but at least learn to fly. It's not that the peacock can't fly, it just can't fly high enough or far enough, so it still needs to find a great master to hone its flying ability. Finally, the peacock found an eagle to be his flying master.

The eagle took the peacock to a mountain and said to him, "This is where I learned to fly when I was little. At that time my mother told me that if I wanted to live, I had to learn to fly before I fell to my death. Now I can only use this method to teach you, but before that, you can also choose to give up and cherish your life."

But the peacock balked: "No, I came to you to learn to fly, and I will not give up!"

With that, the peacock jumped down toward the cliff. However, in mid-air, no matter how the peacock flapped his wings, he did not have any signs of flight and just kept falling. Fortunately, on the cliff face, there is much horizontal growth of the number, relying on the branches and leaves of these trees, the peacock was cushioned to reduce the force, but fell heavily to the ground, and did not endanger life.

Peacock with a painful injury back in front of the eagle, the eagle is stunned, he said: "injured like this, you still do not intend to give up? Your body structure is not the same as mine, it is impossible to learn to fly. Next time you won't be so lucky, you might die."

The peacock said, "To realize my dream, I will not give up, even if I die!"

The eagle was impressed by the resolute look in the peacock's eyes. He originally thought that the peacock only wanted to learn to fly on a whim and would give up if he suffered a little, but he never thought that he would be so persistent. So, the eagle decided to teach the peacock to learn to fly seriously, he would always be on guard around the peacock, once the situation appeared, he could immediately catch the peacock and bring him to a safe place.

After a long time, the peacock, who had been practicing flying every day and suffered many sins, was finally able to fly freely in the sky, just like the eagle!

Becoming a phoenix is the last step, but also the most difficult step. Peacock thought, the phoenix is considered a symbol of the sun, perhaps that magical ability from the sun may also be, perhaps as long as the sun gets there, you can get the same ability it.

Thinking and doing, Peacock decided to fly towards the sun! He came to the top of a mountain at night and planned to take off from there. The temperature at night was not too high, so if he flew towards the east, he should be able to reach the sun when it rises.

The peacock spread his wings and soared in the night sky under the light of the moon. I don't know how long I flew, my whole body had a stiff and sore feeling, but the peacock didn't take it to heart and continued to fly towards the east. At this time, the eastern horizon began to white, it was almost time for sunrise. The temperature gradually rose, and the peacock felt dry mouth, I should have known to prepare drinking water.

With time, the sun gradually rose, the sun shone on the peacock, feeling hot, and seems to be about to burn - no, already burning, from a small spark, gradually spread, the flame wrapped around the peacock's whole body.

Almost to the limit, but still far, far away from the sun. At this time, in front of the peacock's eyes, the legendary phoenix appeared, and the peacock wondered whether this was reality or an illusion.

The phoenix looked at the peacock with pity and said, "You'd better give up, if you go on like this, you'll die."

Peacock opened his mouth with difficulty and spat out the words from his blazing throat: "To become a phoenix, is my dream, even if I die, I will not give up!"

As soon as Peacock's words fell, the flames engulfed his entire body and burned it to ashes. However, at the moment before his death, Peacock did, for a moment, become a real phoenix.


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