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opulent and magnificent

by Eartha J Adams 3 months ago in short story
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Chrysanthemum, although not as delicate as the peach, not as beautiful as the rose,

opulent and magnificent
Photo by Maria Teneva on Unsplash

Chrysanthemum, although not as delicate as the peach, not as beautiful as the rose, not to mention the lotus pavilion. However, its various shapes and distinctive charm have made it one of the "Three Fairies of Flowers", and it has been praised by poets from all over the world.

Look, some of the chrysanthemums have straight petals, like exploding from the middle, really "exploding flower chrysanthemum"! Some petals "hug" together, forming a small purple-red ball, leaving only a small mouth in the middle, really like the "crater chrysanthemum" ah. Some petals are bright red, like a red disk, surrounded by a golden heart, forming a beautiful "sun chrysanthemum". Some have dozens of layers of soft yellow petals, stacked on top of each other, stacked out of a beautiful "pompom daisy". There is also the "Heavenly Maiden", "Purple Air", "Magnificent" and "Green Go Straight Up". ......

The chrysanthemum is not only in a variety of shapes, but its spirit is also admirable. In late autumn, the flowers all die. Even the living ones have long lost their former beauty and are dying, shivering in the autumn breeze. Only the chrysanthemum blossoms in the autumn breeze, fighting for their beauty and challenging the cold north wind.

Chrysanthemums are also very hardy. Once, I was walking on a hillside and saw a few hints of mud mixed between the cracks in the slate. A few months later, I went for another walk there and was surprised to find several chrysanthemums emerging from that tiny bit of dirt. This shows how hardy the chrysanthemum is.

Chrysanthemum also has a high medicinal value. Its flowers and leaves can make tea, and the roots and stems can be used as medicine, so it can be said to be full of treasures.

Throughout the ages, many writers and scholars have been convinced by the unique spirit of the chrysanthemum. I love this "fairy of flowers" - chrysanthemum!

I love chrysanthemum essay 500 words 7: I love chrysanthemum

On the day of the autumn tour, we went to Xihui Park to see the chrysanthemum exhibition.

When I walked into the park, I saw all kinds of colorful chrysanthemums in front of me. There are yellow, white, purple, and red ...... red like fire, yellow like gold, white like clouds, pink like haze, at one time, patches of bright and dazzling, swaying chrysanthemums make the whole park lively. Looking at the different forms of chrysanthemums, I couldn't help but stare in awe, and I couldn't tell you how happy I was. Hey, what is that white snow on the grass over there? When I walked in, I saw that they were also chrysanthemums. They are one by one, dense and crowded, weaving a snow-white wide embroidered brocade so that people can not help but stop to admire.

The air was filled with the elegant fragrance of chrysanthemums. I entered along the stairs in this seemingly unmistakable scent. The path was lined with chrysanthemums in full bloom. The turquoise leaves set off the delicate chrysanthemums, just like the stars holding the moon. The petals of the chrysanthemums are different from each other. Some petals are as wide as a small thumb, and the middle petal is curled inward, like an eagle's claw, while the petals around it are stretched outward, slightly bent and drooping. Some petals all downward, as if a golden waterfall from a high mountain cliff pouring down. Some petals are as thin as a needle and a gentle touch can make the soft petals fall off. Some petals are like the rays of the sun, spewing out her vigorous vitality in all directions. Some petals are irregularly stretched out, like a beautiful girl showing her graceful body with abandon ......

In this park full of chrysanthemums, I feel like a butterfly, and the flowers and the wind dance: sometimes in this one to smell, sometimes in that one to smell; sometimes with this one to whisper, sometimes with that one to chant ...... until my classmates pull my lapel, I came to my senses and continued to walk forward.

Ah, the chrysanthemum, the beautiful chrysanthemum! I love you!

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