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Who is he?

By C S.Published 6 months ago 5 min read
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This is a question that has been asked for as long as man has existed!

I myself have been struggling with this question from the first Sunday school class that I can really remember attending. I was told about a god .

Who in all his wisdom had the intelligent to build then maintained this planet that we live on. In seven days no less he placed water, vegetation ( food and drink) on this earth to sustain life. Then he added the people and animals. Why else build the planet the way it was built if not to maintain a form of life.

Did this planet exist before God? Is it posable he just reconstructed it to use for he purpose?

Then according to the Bible he placed Adam on the earth. God realized that Adam had no one inter act with but himself. Adam would need a companion. So he the split Adams DNA and created Eve. Knowing that with a female they could have the off spring there was a need to populate this large plant we call earth. Things seem to go on as god planned for sometime.

God then talked to his own friend Satan about how things were going. He was likely pride full and excited about what he had done.

So of course Satan was interested in what God was talking about. He decided he would meet with the man and woman. He waited one day by the apple tree where Eve would sit in it shade.

Eve found him there that day he explained that he was a friend of the man they called God. He talked for some time then Satan left saying he would return the next day and they could talk again.

Eve was so excited when she told Adam about a new friend someone who was God's friend to. Adam found it hard to believe. What Eve told him who was this Satan? God did not speak of him nor had Adam met him she must be mistaken was it some new thing? God has been with them for soch a long time and never mentioned this Satan. Adam dismissed Eve claims then went off on his own to think.

So the next day Eve once more went to the apple tree to talk to Satan about God. As Adam pointed out they must do things that please God because he is the creator of all things in there world. Satan once more waited by the apple tree. This time she notice he was dressed or covered from his neck to his feet in a fine green covering.

It remined Eve of a type of snake skin his covering his body. His body seemed to shimmer as the covering reflected light. They talked once more at length Satan kept look at her body in a way she herself didn't understand. So she asked him why he looked at her so. His reply surprised her he said I am not used to seeing a women's body uncovered.

Adam at last had come looking for Eve he found her sitting by the thing! And she was talking to it. It glittered of a green light and it's head and face were almost as his own. Looking at it he ran to Eve's side to save her from it grabbing her hand then pulled her a way from it.

In his fear and anger he ran pulling her long with him. When he stopped to plead with her, he is not like our God! It is evil like the evil snake that god has spoken of. Our god had warned him of stay a way from it.

Here I though to ask myself how did they communicate? Was there a spoken language or was there just a knowing that was past back and forth like a computer link. I have to think that God did indeed teach Adam and Eve what they would need know to live off the land of the gardens.

Adam pointed out that Satan was not like God. God was like them. He was never like Satan who housed himself in a snakes skin.

Eve went on to meet with Satan many more times and gained a different knowledge from him then just what there god had to teach them. Seeing a change in herself she talked to Adam telling him of there gods betrayal of them and the many things that Satan said God was not teaching them

So that after a time had passed when there God came back to visit and check on them. Adam was dressed in a woven skirt that Eve had made for him. Eve herself had on a type of top and skirt. Both wore animals skins on there feet. With care full questions God asked why and where the knowledge came from. Adam told him of Satan's visits and the knowledge he was sharing with them.

The knowledge that was gained under the apple tree given by Satan the snake as Adam called him. In his anger at the interference of the new world they Adam and Eve had been set in God kicked them out of the gardens. For they were no longer with out fault the influences of others had tinted the data that he wanted to collect for the project that he had created.

Could it be he intended to start over again with the Garden?

That the influence of Satan had changed the out come of his study. Or had God himself came realized even his influence of inter action with Adam and Eve also changed the out come of the establishment of a new world. And the study's he was making on it.

So he left them came back to watch only. Later others came to watch and see what we humans had learned.

Had Satan ever stopped coming to see Adam and Eve? We will never know the whole truths of this story. For like others there was never anything really written in our time that.

Was and is not just a story told around the fire pit on cold night. But If the storys are true our four fathers are from the star's and we are but seedlings. Spred like bad weeds.



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