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Nature's revelation

Nature is the teacher of mankind and has given us many useful inspirations

By NatalieMarmolPublished 6 months ago 3 min read
Nature's revelation
Photo by Sebastian Unrau on Unsplash

Nature is the teacher of mankind and has given us many useful inspirations. It tells people that excessive cutting of trees will destroy the environment of human existence and eventually they will be punished by nature. Fish float freely in the water, which inspired people to invent submarines. Today, let's introduce to you the amazing inspiration brought by fish to us humans.

The submarine was invented in 1020. People before that time were always asking others and themselves why fish could sink and float freely in the water. And once our iron block is put into the water, it will immediately sink to the bottom, and once our wooden block is put into the water, it will only stay on the surface? Why can fish sink and float freely in the water?

To understand the principle of fish sinking and floating, scientists experimented. People put a small fish into the pool and then use an x-ray to irradiate the fish, just to see its body structure and moving parts, to study if it can be free to sink and float in the water reason.

Scientists through the study again and again, and finally the sky is not the reason, scientists have finally found the reason. Scientists found that in the body of the fish there is something called the fish bubble, when the small fish each time it sinks to the bottom of the water, the gas stored in the bubble will go forward, and it will make it sink. And the opposite is that when the fish surface, the gas stored in the bubble will go backward, and the fish will also float upward.

People also got inspiration from this, so the invention of the submarine.

There is a large reservoir inside the submarine, when the submarine wants to sink, the reservoir will open, and the weight of the water will make the submarine slowly sink. When the submarine wants to float, the water in the reservoir will be drained, and when the weight of the submarine is reduced, it will slowly come to the surface. And all these are the revelations that the fish hand over to us humans.

In this regard, we can say that nature is our teacher, just like fish teach us how to make submarines, birds teach us how to make airplanes, and so on.

Nature is inseparable from human care and creation, but humans are also inseparable from the revelation of nature, which can give them knowledge, wisdom, and motivation to move forward.

The ancients could learn the truths of the world from the flowers and plants in nature, and modern people can learn the principles of movement through the animals in nature and create new machines for the benefit of human beings, the earth, the world, and even the whole nature.

But we humans now seem to be getting a little carried away, actually cutting down trees excessively, which in itself is not wrong, it is for the progress of human civilization, the development of human civilization, and providing raw materials. But we have people cutting down trees excessively today and selling them for their gain, not for the development of humanity. Many people even get objects made of trees but do not know how to cherish them, abandoning them at will, discarding them at will, without taking them into account at all.

Today's greenhouse effect must be nature's greatest lesson to us.

When any object reaches the level of infinite flooding, it will always cause harm and distress to itself.

We should follow the steps of nature, the teacher of mankind, his teachings, move slowly, and listen to what he has left us, humans.


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