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Nature Beauty and Evil

Silent is always danger

By Kamal kumarPublished 2 months ago 3 min read

Nature is both beauty and evil,

A balance of light and dark,

Its gentle winds and rolling hills,

And raging storms that leave a mark.

The sun that rises in the sky,

And sets behind the western hills,

Brings warmth and light to all below,

And beauty that our hearts still thrills.

The ocean with its endless waves,

That crash upon the shore with grace,

Brings forth a power that we fear,

And yet it's beauty we embrace.

Nature's wrath can be so cruel,

With earthquakes, fires, and hurricanes,

It shows us how insignificant,

We humans are in its vast domains.

So nature's beauty and its evil,

Are intertwined like night and day,

Both are a part of who we are,

And shape the world in their own way.

Once upon a time, in a lush and beautiful forest, lived a kind and gentle deer named Daisy. She lived a peaceful life with her family, playing in the fields, drinking from the streams, and enjoying the warmth of the sun.

However, one day, a wicked and evil creature came to the forest. He was known as the Demon of Darkness, and he spread chaos and destruction wherever he went. He took over the forest, causing the animals to flee in fear.

Daisy, being the brave and selfless deer she was, decided to face the Demon of Darkness and put an end to his reign of terror. She traveled to his lair, a dark and foreboding cave at the edge of the forest, and confronted him.

The Demon of Darkness laughed at her bravery and threatened to destroy her. But Daisy stood her ground, undaunted by his threats. She told him that she would never give up, and that she would fight to protect the forest and its inhabitants.

The Demon of Darkness was taken aback by her bravery, and for a moment, he felt a flicker of fear. He knew that he could not defeat her on his own, so he summoned his minions, a horde of evil creatures that lived in the shadows.

Daisy fought bravely, using all of her strength and skill to fend off the minions. She was outnumbered, but she never gave up, determined to save her home and her friends.

Despite her bravery, the minions were too much for her to handle, and she was eventually overwhelmed. The Demon of Darkness approached her, triumphant and gloating, and raised his sword to strike her down.

But at that moment, something strange happened. The sky darkened, and a bright light shone down from above. A powerful being descended from the heavens, and the Demon of Darkness and his minions cowered in fear.

The being was the Guardian of Nature, a powerful entity that protected the balance between good and evil in the forest. She told the Demon of Darkness that he had gone too far, and that his reign of terror must end.

The Demon of Darkness, realizing the error of his ways, begged for mercy and promised to leave the forest and never return. The Guardian of Nature granted his request, but warned him that if he ever returned, she would not hesitate to destroy him.

With the Demon of Darkness gone, the forest returned to its peaceful state. Daisy and her family were overjoyed, and they celebrated their victory with a grand feast.

The Guardian of Nature, pleased with Daisy's bravery, gave her a special gift, a flower that would bloom forever, symbolizing her bravery and selflessness. From that day forward, Daisy was known as the protector of the forest, and she was loved and respected by all who lived there.

The story of Daisy and the Demon of Darkness serves as a reminder that even in the face of evil, bravery and determination can conquer all. The beauty of nature is a source of strength, and it will always triumph over evil.



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