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Mumbai Weather Alert: Heavy Unseasonal Rain Brings Temperature Down

Coping with Unexpected Weather: Mumbai's Unseasonal Rainfall

By Mathina BegumPublished 6 months ago 3 min read

Mumbai, the financial capital of India, is experiencing a sudden change in weather with heavy unseasonal rain hitting the city. The sudden downpour has brought the temperature down and caused widespread waterlogging in several low-lying areas. In this article, we will take a closer look at the current situation in Mumbai and how it is affecting the residents of the city.

Unseasonal Rainfall in Mumbai

  • The city of Mumbai is known for its hot and humid weather, especially during the summer months. However, the last few days have seen a significant change in the weather, with heavy rainfall lashing the city. According to weather experts, this is an unseasonal phenomenon, as Mumbai usually experiences heavy rainfall between June and September.
  • The unseasonal rainfall is being attributed to the formation of a low-pressure area over the Arabian Sea, which has led to a sudden change in the weather. The Indian Meteorological Department (IMD) has issued a warning for heavy rainfall in the city and has advised people to stay indoors and avoid going out unless necessary.

Impact on the City

  • The heavy rainfall has caused widespread waterlogging in several parts of the city, including low-lying areas such as Sion, Dadar, and Parel. Several areas have reported traffic snarls, and the local trains have been affected due to the waterlogging on the tracks. The authorities have urged people to avoid traveling on the trains unless necessary.
  • The rain has also caused a drop in the temperature, bringing some relief to the residents who were struggling with the heat. However, the sudden change in weather has also resulted in several cases of viral fever and other ailments. The civic authorities have urged people to take necessary precautions and follow hygiene protocols to prevent the spread of diseases.

Steps Taken by the Authorities

  • The civic authorities in Mumbai have been quick to respond to the situation and have taken several steps to ensure the safety of the residents. The Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) has deployed teams of workers to clear the waterlogging and has set up control rooms to monitor the situation.
  • The authorities have also advised people to stay indoors and avoid going out unless necessary. Schools and colleges have been closed, and exams have been postponed due to the inclement weather. The local trains have been running on a restricted schedule, and the authorities have urged people to avoid traveling on the trains unless necessary.

Preparedness for Unseasonal Rainfall

Unseasonal rainfall can be challenging for the authorities and the residents, as it is not a regular occurrence. However, it is important to be prepared for such events and take necessary measures to mitigate the impact.

The following are some steps that can be taken to prepare for unseasonal rainfall:

Monitoring Weather Forecasts: It is important to keep a close watch on the weather forecasts and warnings issued by the IMD. The authorities should be prepared to respond quickly to any adverse weather conditions.

Clearing Drainage Systems: The civic authorities should ensure that the drainage systems are clear of any blockages and can handle heavy rainfall. This will prevent waterlogging and minimize the impact on the residents.

Stocking Essential Supplies: The residents should stock up on essential supplies such as food, water, and medicines, in case of prolonged rainfall and disruption of services.

Avoiding Low-Lying Areas: The residents should avoid low-lying areas during heavy rainfall, as these areas are more prone to waterlogging and flooding.

Following Safety Guidelines: The authorities should issue safety guidelines and advisories to the residents, and the residents should follow them strictly to ensure their safety.

Impact on Agriculture

Unseasonal rainfall can also have a significant impact on agriculture, especially in areas where crops are dependent on specific weather conditions. The sudden change in weather can result in damage to crops, delay in planting, and poor yield. The farmers need to take necessary measures to protect their crops and minimize the impact of unseasonal rainfall.


The unseasonal rainfall in Mumbai is a reminder of the impact of climate change on our environment. The sudden change in weather patterns can have far-reaching consequences, and it is important to be prepared to mitigate their impact. The authorities and the residents should work together to ensure the safety and well-being of everyone during such events. The current situation in Mumbai highlights the importance of preparedness and the need to take necessary measures to minimize the impact of unseasonal rainfall. We can only hope that the situation improves soon and the residents of Mumbai can go back to their normal lives.


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