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Monkeys descend in packs and break into residential areas, and they go crazy under the epidemic!

Monkeys descend in groups and break into residential areas

By Orr HirshmanPublished 6 months ago 3 min read

Recently, a strange thing happened in Qianling Mountain in Guizhou. Of course, this is not surprising.

It went something like this: a group of macaques came down from the mountain in groups and started "beating, smashing and robbing" the human population, begging for food from the residents or just grabbing it, causing quite a mess at one point.

Many netizens lamented the fact that the epidemic is now recurring and the macaques are having a hard time.

Why do you feel this way?

Qianling Mountain is a very famous park in the area and is inundated with tourists. There are many macaques living inside. The macaques live here comfortably and don't have to worry about their food source as they are fed by caring people every day. With the special care given to the people, the number of macaques has started to soar and is now over 1200 in size.

When the number of macaques began to surge, it also brought several problems, not least the distribution of food. The natural fruit in the park now does not satisfy the appetite of the macaques, some of whom cannot even eat the food and have to rely on human feeding.

It is well known that it is up to humans whether they eat or not and that it is possible to do so, but not so for the macaques. Sometimes whenever they see food in a visitor's hand, they will come over and beg for it, or even come straight over and grab it.

Generally speaking, it is an innate instinct for the macaques to climb up the trees on their own to find food. But after the park was established, the macaques enjoy the love and care of humans, so they only live in this park. However, the current epidemic is so severe that visitors are unable to visit the park to see the macaques or play with them, so naturally, the macaques are deprived of an important source of food. Soon there was a food crisis among the macaques.

To get food, the macaques started to run out of the park and into residential areas or streets and started to look for food everywhere.

As you can see from the pictures, many of the macaques are running around in residential buildings. It is not known as to what they wanted to do, but I think the biggest possibility is that they were looking for food.

The presence of macaques on the street greatly affects the lives of humans in the area and poses many safety hazards. If some residents plant orchards, they build iron fences that unknown macaques will climb right over, eventually leading to injuries. For example, some residents have found that macaques have run into their homes and opened gas valves, which is a safety hazard.

In addition, macaques may have a tetendk. It is not a good sign to find macaques biting people when they try to chase them away. In addition, cases like the one where macaques beat up pets kept by residents abound.

The presence of a group of macaques in Guizhou has caused suffering to residents in the neighborhood. As a result, officers said that if macaques are found, it is important to inform the property to drive them away and not to try to get in touch with them.

But the matter has come to an end, as all the macaques have now returned to the park after staff started feeding them on the 5th. And there have been no incidents of macaques injuring people.

Through this incident, we have to admit that macaques are a very intelligent group. They are very good learners, can freely engage with humans, and are very bold. They dare to go to human living areas to beg for food.

Wild macaques are also very timid, but after prolonged contact with humans, they gradually change their timid character and even become more active. This is closely related to the area in which they live.

We will find, however, that where the animals are in close contact with humans, the animals inside become bolder and no longer fear them.

We should be aware, however, that wild macaques are also aggressive, so contact with them must be moderate and not threatening. Otherwise, it's hard to predict what an angry macaque will do.

Also, although feeding by visitors is an act of love, it should be done in strict accordance with the relevant rules, as some foods are not allowed to be eaten by macaques. In many areas, macaques have fallen ill because they have mistakenly eaten snacks fed by humans. We often say that animals are man's best friend, so we must treat them well and not let them become extinct because of humans.


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