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Maintaining AQI in Major Cities & Basics of Air Purification

Air Quality Index - The Unseen Determinant of Healthy Environment

By Uncle BerryPublished 3 years ago 3 min read
Maintaining AQI in Major Cities & Basics of Air Purification
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The air surrounds every element of our society, with a proper composition it is around us all the time. However, the air is not always the same, the composition at one place differs from the other. Similarly, it can be different at times on a single day for a single location. Seems pretty tough to understand, but it is just a part of how external particles can affect the basic structure of air. For an instance, the AQI - known as the Air Quality Index defines the daily air quality of a location with respect to time.

The AQI refers to the quality of air at the moment around you, which might have a positive or a negative influence on your health. The skies are enveloped in surreal polluted particles, that make AQI higher. Cities with a high ratio of industrial pollution tend to have higher AQI. Considering the danger, these particles can have a hefty impact on human health, despite precautions. The AQI works in 6 medians, each being very perspicuous about the air quality.

@ Determinants of AQI - Color Explanation Chart For Reading AQI On Weather Charts

Good & Moderate - AQI

The AQI value when hovers between 0 and 50, is considered as good, due to the less or negligible threat to health. However, if the index jumps above 50 and stays till 100, it poses a mild threat to health. The moderate AQI is considered to be satisfactory, as it might only affect people with unusually sensitive people.

Unhealthy For Sensitive Groups & Unhealthy - AQI

Now comes the midway of AQI, as the index prances above 101 till 150, the air quality is considered to be unhealthy for sensitive people. Considering the fact, the general public with sensitive skins or immune systems are affected by this index of air quality. The normal groups start to experience health conditions once the air quality index hovers above 150 till 200. The index is considered to be unhealthy for the general public and the environment.

Very Unhealthy & Hazardous - AQI

AQI values floating above 200 to 300, are examined to be very healthy for the people. This index poses a great threat to the environment and health of individuals. Similarly, once the AQI goes above 300, health warnings are generally triggered. As the health index is in emergency conditions and is likely to create serious health issues.

By Mike Marrah on Unsplash

Reducing Exposure To Unhealthy Air

The most common way of reducing exposure to unhealthy air is truncating our sessional interference with the environment. For an instance, let's say we should not commute at unnecessary times to avoid exposure. Similarly, we all know that the soot particles from fire pollution are worse for health, so to avoid exposing ourselves to the unhealthy air, we should take the farthest route possible if travelling near an industrial state. Rather than just foreshortening the exposure to unhealthy air, we also need to take action against it.

Basics of Air Purification

Being conscious about air purification isn't something trendy or accessory. It's a basic requirement. It's something which should be taken on a serious note. If you ignore it, it might cause severe damages you'd be unable to refrain from. As we have deeply looked into the point that air cleaning services are necessary. Let's dig deep and find out 'why?'

The so-called fresh air you're taking in is filled with pathogens and mildews which cause several viral diseases. The stale air not only causes distress in the environment but also makes you sluggish. To enhance your activity and to boost up your potential, air must be purified and made fresh. Besides all the advantages, the most promising one is its a step taken to eradicate the pungency of the environment.

Image Courtesy @ Euromate Pure Air - Air Cleaning & Filteration Services Melbourne

Air cleaning services are definitely a game-changer, you'd be glad enough to suggest it to your acquaintances once you divulge its effectiveness. You won't be having headaches anymore. A fresh environment is a happy environment. Further, it will boost up your capabilities. It's a pill of relief and we undoubtedly could say nobody would want to not give it a shot. What's stopping you then? Install a purifier today.


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