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Love of Nature

In nature, rain is a splendid and strange color, there is a hazy drizzle, there is a windy and furious rainstorm

By NatalieMarmolPublished 6 months ago 3 min read
Love of Nature
Photo by Filip Zrnzević on Unsplash

I am a member of nature - autumn rain

In nature, rain is a splendid and strange color, there is a hazy drizzle, there is a windy and furious rainstorm, and there is lightning and thunder thunderstorm. And I am the rain of autumn.

The naughty me began to fall and sprinkle, dense sprinkling the ground, but silent. I look around, the whole earth is new as if I put a book curtain on the earth. The trees greedily sucked in the dew, the beautiful flowers took off their colorful dresses, and the squirrel children hid under the branches, spreading their little hands to catch the drops of water and excitedly shouting that it was raining. The woods were so quiet, only the rain hitting the falling leaves, into the spring, dripping on the face of every little animal. The rain, drifting like silk to the forest, wove a cliffless carpet of green and fluffy.

I was unaware that I was in the field. I look around, you see the field layers of terraces a golden yellow, a person high corn, like an old man stroking his beard smile mouth, heavy golden grain to you bowed low to say welcome. Red apples, yellow pears, red onyx-like dates, grinning pomegranates, lantern-like tomatoes, golden rice paddies, farmers are already cutting the scythe rice, this is the autumn of victory, the harvest of autumn. The fields in autumn! Golden yellow, endless, everywhere is the golden wave of rice. The autumn wind brushes the heavy ears of rice, making a sound as if urging people: "Harvest, harvest!" It's harvest time. I look at the rice fields with a smile, and I dance and splash the rain. I exerted my whole body because I knew that after this rain came to the smiling faces of the farmers, a bountiful harvest.

I smiled as I left the fields and went to the bustling metropolis. People were holding flowery umbrellas, and the dripping sound turned into a note that jumped into the music of nature. The road was unobstructed, without the discordant sound of horns, without the loud noise, only the fog, the fine rain. Everything is so quiet and peaceful.

I clattered and sang, eh, the waves in the distance are not the sea? I raced, knowing that it had always been my wish to see the sea. Huge waves hit the sea one at a time, sometimes majestic, sometimes soft. The waves on the surface of the water tossed and rolled. With the passionate, rapid, and majestic waves I couldn't help but disco in the sky. The more the waves rolled, the braver I danced, and the faster it rained.

Gradually the clouds dispersed, and the rain became smaller and smaller and smaller. The air was so fresh, that people put away their umbrellas, and the little animals ran out from under the trees. I looked up at the sky and thought, "Next it should be the rainbow sister taking over ......

The rainbow appeared on that side of the sky, it condensed my sweat, and it left the sky splendid.

The sky gradually darkened.

The moon, a crescent moon, with a shyness that is difficult to depict hung in the deep blue sky. The sky, so far away, decorated with stars, like gems, like pearls, and like onyx, dotted with this bright night. The moon is moist, the stars are full of light. Everything in the world has long been immersed in the color of the moon.
Love nature, love all things in nature, and live in harmony with nature


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