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Living The Best Life

A story

By AdamsPublished 2 years ago 3 min read

Everyone has their own pace for living the best life for some people the gift is the best life but for some people they like it simple and casual, some count luxury as their best life.

When money can buy them everything when they have all the luxuries of this world.

But for some people, the best life is all they have when they have good food, a good house, and good clothes they call it their best life.

For some people fulfilling their dreams is called their best life.

For some people, everything they have is their best life.

For me, life is all I have, and fulfilling my life while enjoying it.

This is what I call the best life most importantly I am getting the best studies I could have.

When we are getting the things we need we called it the best life.

In this Temporary world, we should be happy with everything we have.

Or if we are not getting the things we need we should still be happy.

Despite everything living the best life means living your life to the fullest.

Happiness is the best life if you are happy in your life and living your life to the fullest.

Every day is a day of celebration then it is your best life.

It doesn’t matter if you are rich or not if you have all the luxuries or not if you are not happy then it is not your best life.

When you are not living your best life.

Money won’t buy you happiness.

A house and a car won’t make you happy unless you want to be happy.

Happiness comes from your heart nothing can make you happy till you want to be happy.

Happiness is the key to the best life.

Living your best life means living a life that makes you happy and one that allows you to be at your full potential. It means being intentional about the way you choose to live and living life on your terms. It means leveling up to be the best version of yourself that you can be.

For me best life is not all about how much I earn, what I eat, or where I live. I think the best life is having a good time taking care of yourself, keeping a balance between work and your personal life, eating a healthy diet, and doing your comfort things. When you sleep on time wake up in the early morning starting your day with some exercise to relax your metabolism and following with your favorite breakfast that has a balance between taste and nutrients that your body needs, taking breaks in between working the life gets nice automatically and your mind calms down itself.

One of the greatest sources of many people's stress is the fact that even when they are doing something completely unrelated, their mind wanders to a place of dread, fear, or some other sort of stress. Keep your head in the present moment and enjoy every second. Life is way too short to waste worrying about a problem that you've likely blown way out of proportion. This is another one of the essential steps because everything is as you perceive it. Even the most dreadful of situations can take a turn with a positive attitude. Instead of thinking "I have to sit in traffic," think "I have some unexpected time to reflect on my life while I sit in traffic." Positivity is a choice. Choose to look on the bright side of things and find the silver lining when possible.

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