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Live In The Southwest? You Might Want To Move...

by Sharon Vencia 4 months ago in Sustainability
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Now Is The Time To Stock Up On Water...

The emergency water situation in the South West has never been more critical. The water level in Lake Mead is predicted to drop a further 26 feet by July 2023 and if the drought continues at this rate, millions of people could be without water in the not too distant future.

According to the Interior Department’s assistant secretary Tanya Trujillo, Lake Mead, the country’s largest reservoir is approaching a danger zone of 895 feet. Once the water is below this level, it no longer passes through the Hoover Dam, creating a Dead Pool making the water undrinkable and negatively impacting the electricity supply.

Lake Powell is also impacted by the drought and is within 16ft of no longer being able to generate electricity provided to thousands of homes from Nevada to Colorado.

According to a study carried out by the Columbia Climate School, the area is suffering the worst mega drought in history. The area has been suffering from drought for the past 22 years – defined as a mega drought and although the region has always been dry and arid, researchers have discovered that this is the worst in history.

The years between 800 and 1600 saw repeated mega droughts but this combined with human caused climate change, the situation is far more serious and extreme than we have ever seen before.

This is not a drill. The average person can live for only three days without water or other liquid hydration. In addition without hand washing and other basic necessities, an emergency situation will soon become even more dangerous to health.

According to experts we need at least two years of excessive rainfall in order to restore water levels to anywhere near normal. Maybe this will happen but we cannot rely on it.

We all need to save water

Something that we can all do is to reduce our water usage by implementing simple economies.

Use recycled water as much as possible such as using water that has been used for laundry, dishes or food preparation and use it for watering the gardening.

Never leave faucets running, such as while brushing teeth.

Do you really need to wash the car every week? It runs just as well dirty as clean.

Water the garden with a watering can rather than a hosepipe.

Make sure your toilet has an economy flush so that you are not pouring gallons of water away unnecessarily each time you use the bathroom.

Install a rain barrel in your garden. If it does rain you can collect precious water and use it.

The key takeaway is to be mindful of water in the same way as we are mindful of money. You wouldn’t throw dollars in the trash so don’t do it for water!

Stock up on water in the case of emergency

It is a good idea to stock up on water in case of an emergency. So check out water storage containers and fill these in advance. Stainless steel water filters can be a good idea as you can fill the stainless steel drum with pure clean water and store it.

Also filling up 10 gallon drums of water will keep your supply going for longer. Although keeping water stored in plastic drums long term can lead to the water tasting unpleasant, if you have a water filter system you can run the stored water through it to restore freshness and purity.

Don’t forget your bath tub. On average, a bath tub holds around 100 gallons of water so this is a great option. You can use a simple inexpensive emergency kit such as the Water Bob to make sure the water is clean and fit for human consumption.

These measures may seem extreme but remember we need water to live. The average person needs a gallon a day of water in order to drink and to maintain hygiene. This means it is important to prepare in advance or you could find that you and your family will be in serious trouble should the emergency continue on its present trajectory.

It is important to take action right now. Unlike in the movies, an emergency does not usually hit without warning. We all know there is a serious problem with water right now so it makes sense to prepare for the worst case scenario in order to cope with it. Saving water and stocking in water is something we can all do without too much hassle or expense. So let’s just do it.

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