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Listen to Nature

On a summer night, wandering under the starry sky enchanted with countless people,

By NatalieMarmolPublished 2 years ago 4 min read
Listen to Nature
Photo by Johannes Plenio on Unsplash

On a summer night, wandering under the starry sky enchanted with countless people, three or two fireflies flying, have you ever paid attention to the heavenly music of the heavenly beauty? Nature is the spirit of dreams, singing in the bright sunshine. Listening to the pure and uncluttered heavenly music of nature, your mind will be purified and experience the multifarious and infinite world. Nature's fresh breath, natural green oxygen bar, in fact, in nature ah. It is not far away from us, with a pure heart, you have an enchanting nature song.

Listen to the light and cheerful tune of nature. It has the sound of wind and water, rain and snow pounding the ground, and the light little song of the wind sweeping the willows, song, and dance floating to faraway places, giving happiness to faraway places.

What about the silent nature? What about the frost-dyed autumn forest, the stars, and the moon? If we do not abandon the world and have a pure heart, how can we listen to the world? In fact, ah, everything has a sound, you listen -

"Wow wow wow wow ......" The stream in the mountain stream strives to run to a new world, and perseveres hard, to become a spectacular waterfall. It communicates with us and communicates with us with the light song of a clear, pure heart. The distance between man and nature is just a stream away. Its endless artistic charm and essence touch every person who has a clear mind and needs to be soothed. The crisp insects and birdsong heard in nature's lilting is nature's refreshing and pleasant laughter. The chirping of frogs in the fields, quietly, is its little song from the heart.

In spring, everything in the world is full of life. The spring light is warm and all the colors are red. The clear and loud chirping of birds, reporting the joy of spring, is the beautiful sound of everything in heaven and earth. Occasionally, the brush over the branches, curling breeze, and willow into the water, are so beautiful. The spring breeze is a silent messenger, but all of this is a wonderfully beautiful spring ditty!

In summer, the beautiful scenery of the night and the starry sky is the bright pearl of the earth. Summer starry night, the half moon is falling. The stars are decorated with bright diamonds, embedded in the canopy. In the night small river reflects the beauty of infinite brilliance. The summer night is all quiet. From time to time, small flowers sway in the wind. Everything is like a mountain village isolated from the world.

In autumn, the old yellow leaves fall. The wind and leaves whistle, and autumn leaves drift. Wind-blown fallen leaves, are the beginning of each leaf's life and withering. The bald tree is lonely, how can the cold wind not be in the eye? "Wow ......" roadside small trees of yellow leaves and green leaves, scattered all over the ground. It is said that the autumn color is flat, and the autumn tune, is not very beautiful?

In winter, the wind whistles snow all over the ground. Winter snow and frost are cold, winter comes near spring. Silver-white world, small snowflakes landing slightly who can not hear the voice to report to everyone: "winter is here!" The outstanding city beautician, with a broom to sweep the small snowflakes away, swish, swish. The little snowflakes are shouting: "Winter is here, spring is not far away!"

"The red world is noisy, leave the world to meditate and listen. The mountains run and rush, the mountains echo and drift." This little poem is made by me after listening to the beauty of the human world. The hustle and bustle of the world, yes, away from the world to listen to every heavenly music, the mind will be full of love, will be in the tolerance of others, understanding others.

The heart experience, full of the aura of the beautiful mountains and water, covered with gravel wilderness, is a cheerful symphony.

Bathed in the sunlight, Canyon clear light, with ignorance, listening to the true beauty of the earthly world, false and ugly. Listen to the quietness of Shaoguan's green treasures in the winding wilderness path, and listen to the magic of Jiuzhai's paradise with a rounded and fascinated gaze.

Listening to nature with the heart, over time, the sound will also come with intensity or clarity. The quiet green hills and flowing water can also listen to the sound of a different style. You can listen to a song of the earth's pure land, a light fragrance of the mountain flowing water.

Being in the noisy and noisy city, although it is difficult to clear the mind, there is always a quiet corner of the mind, where there is room for a light faraway village. The beauty of a finite life is like a shooting star, lost in an instant, never to return.

Listening to nature is a lifelong benefit. With a pure place in your heart, you can feel every corner of the world and every sound of happiness.


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