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Light Needs Darkness to Shine

by Lauren 11 months ago in Science
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Reverse the Dystopia

Light Needs Darkness to Shine
Photo by freestocks on Unsplash

In a distressed chaotic new world, a group of scientist are willing to take the risk for a better world. In the world before this dystopia , things got out of hand. The government agreed to this change. We didn’t want it to result to this.In order to have a better world a better future. We had to have a drastic immediate ending before anything has taken place. Some creatures still linger through out the land. We were not able to contain and destroy everything. The government and the scientists are attempting to time travel and reverse this catastrophe world.In order for the scientist to succeed, two teams will battle and face their new reality. Difficult challenges, not everyone will survive. Not everyone will make it to the end. The heart shaped locket contains a very important formula. A substance that has been under research for 104 years. Past down from generations. Where ever the locket is near. That area will be a utopia. Nothing bad can happen in its presence. It only has a radius of 50 yards. It either sings a lullaby tune or immediately eliminates you. The chosen ones are the most valuable. The formula is not yet finished. The person who successfully makes it to the locket and can contain it. Is the person who can finish it. The scientist and the government have planned and designed for everything that had happened to happen. The locket will allow for everything to resume to its normal everyday life but even better. A world without racism,hate , poverty. Nothing besides happiness and acceptance. Don’t look at this dystopia as a permanent change. Once you see the dystopia you will learn, benefit and be grateful for the world that most people take for granted. The future , the world , the human race depends on the chosen ones. Each one of them will contribute with a different purpose. It is their job to figure out their purpose on this mission. The 8 chosen ones were specifically chosen. Stella for her out of the box thinking, this girl doesn’t have the normal brain chemicals the average human has. Her iQ score is slightly under a 160 which is declaring her as a genius. Luca , meaning light. Will bring light into the group , nothing but positivity no negative thoughts or actions fly when Luca is near. Darcy , meaning darkness will bring darkness to the group. In order for light to be appreciated their has to be darkness. With taken place in a dystopia Darcy will be able to find and relate to this world. Jade , meaning a deep connection to protection and attraction to good luck. She will be an asset to her team by showing leadership when everyone else wants to give up, she will keep going. Vera meaning truth. He can never lie. He will tell you the honest truth no matter the circumstances. Leon meaning lion. Is very strong , brave and courageous. He will push the team to greatness. Edith being very big into healing , nature. Can heal with natural remedies. Azar meaning fire. Will bring fire to the group. He is in his natural element. In a matter of minutes , the chosen ones will slowly wake up. Everyone’s reaction will be different but yet they will all have the same outcome. Luca gazing up at the ceiling , smelling a peculiar smell in the air. Noticing everything is different. Am i in a dream? This isn’t real life. Where am i . Slowly arising from the couch. Debris everywhere some things still stand while others are completely ruined.Hearing static coming from the tv. All of a sudden the tv turns on. “ If you are seeing this you are 1 out of 8 of the chosen ones. While everyone else has been eliminated. Welcome to your mission. You have been asleep for 77 days.You are now living in a post- apocalyptic dystopia. You will not have any intellect on what has happened why it happened. You will be scared,confused.That is normal.Do not let your emotions control you. Or you will not make it. You have been assigned a team. Each team having 4 members. I have written a code on your left wrist. That is your team code. It will light up white if you have found a member of your team. It will light up blue if you are in sight of an opponent.When you encounter an opponent , you must battle. Only 1 will survive. The 3 numbers on your right wrist if the code when you reach your destination. Now that you know what is going on , i will go over your mission.There is a very important object that is missing. A gold heart shape locket. But be careful when you reach it.The team who reaches it first and unlocks it will be rewarded. There is a gray backpack hangin on the back of your door. With minimal survival needs. Use wisely. Good luck enjoy the journey may the best team win. “ Tv has a 37 second count down that says take cover. ... why? Asking Luca. 5,4,3,2..1. Tv explodes. That’s why .. grabs backpack and begins. walking out of what used to be Lucas house is now demolished. There are no streets. Buildings are half standing half gone. The sun barley shines. This odd smell covers the air. Haze skies. Not a noise in sight. Not able to feel any type of emotion. Besides determine energy. Looks to the left, seeing a shadow sprint across to another building. Luca screaming “ HEEEEEEY can you hear me ‘’. No response. Turns to look behind him then looks back to his normal view. , this small petite woman stands in front of him. Both left wrist turn white. So i guess were teammates. What is your name asking Luca? My name is Stella. Nice to meet you Stella, its nice to finally have some type of human interaction. Yes saying Stella. Even though the intentions may not be pure. Stella asking Luca , do you have any clues in your backpack? Luca saying i honestly haven’t even looked at what is in the backpack. I more so just grabbed and went. Let me see. Stella telling Luca to open the big zipper and to look in the small compartment in the back. He Sees a small white paper folded into a small square.Grabs it out of the compartment. It reads, ‘’8x10 , 5x7 , bright light , still standing tall, ...’’ Well Stella does that resign with you? At the moment Luca no it doesn’t but that doesn’t mean that it never will. We have just begun on this journey. Looking into the horizon just taking in this new life. Having no choice to choose if we want this mission. Lets go Stella lets find the team. Walking through the dirt seeing random sections of bodies of water with dead fish. Nothing like it used to be all scattered not combined. Mountains in the far horizon. Flashing back to the scientist point of view. Do you really think they are capable of this mission sir? Will our time travel plan actually work and succeed. Knowing the bloodline of the chosen ones. They will make it happen. Watching all 8 of the chosen ones on a 85 inch tv screen. All of the chosen ones are slowly approaching each other. It is almost time sir. We are getting closer and closer to creating the worlds first utopia. When life resumes. Everyone will encounter deja vu, random body pains, very fatigued but highly motivated. As far as the chosen ones. They will remember their mission but can’t speak on it to a regular civilian. Stella and Luca have been walking for sometime, all of a sudden both of their wrist has lit up blue. Looking on the tv the other team has come into contact with 3 of their members while Luca and Stella are still looking for 2. Their is about to be the first elimination round. Since team 1 has 2 members and team 2 has 3. The first battle will be 2 on 2. May the best win. Luca , do you hear that? Asking Stella. I heard something but what was it. Looking into the distance i see back packs. This can’t be good Stella our wrist are blue. That means we are in radius of the opponents. Assuming they only have 2 members as well. We were wrong. 3 members start walking near. They notice their wrist lights up blue. Before they have the chance to run in the opposite direction, Something pulls them all in facing each other. The sky goes more dim. A little spark of lightening fills the air. May the best member win coming from the sky. Darcy, Leon and Azar standing tall on one side. Stella , Luca on the other. Azar vs Luca , Darcy vs Stella coming from the sky. Azar having firing come out of his palms while Luca has an array of light surrounding him. Lifting him up and guiding him to not get hit by the fire. Azar getting more angry more fire is produced. Luca having balls of light coming out of his palms. The lightening gets stronger. Luca throws the light as the lightening has struck Azar. Azar falling into the ground and disappearing. Stella and Darcy battling and nothing is happening no one is being eliminated. Stella able to double herself confusing Darcy who is the real Stella. Darcy being of darkness. Darkens the complete sky. Everything suddenly stops. Everyone begins to gaze towards the back, over looking over the mountains. It isn’t dark over there. While everywhere else is in complete darkness. It is light over there. Stella screaming out to Luca. “ LUCA YOUR CLUE IT MAKES SENSE NOW.’’ ‘’ Bright light still standing tall” The clue was indicating where the locket is it still stands tall meaning everything is still perfect and the bright light means darkness can’t be obtained while the locket is near. Everyone looking at Stella in awe , well then i guess our mission is to get to that mountain. While everyone walks in that direction. Knowing we’ve been walking for hours maybe even days. Seems as if were walking in circles because everything is the same. Darcy noticing a cactus. Guys we must be near there is life over here. More life begins to walk our paths. A stray dog laying in the grass . Grass begins to get greener. The smells begins to change. Feeling a little bit more normalcy. Let’s all split up and look. Everyone determined for this to be all over. Hearing soft mumbles such as a whisper. As Stella keeps Luca’s clue in her head. I know their were dimensions. That’s where the locket lays. 8x10 5x7 seeming like a small room. There aren’t any rooms. If the only thing near is a mountain. It must be a cave , or a crawl space. As she’s walking the mumbles get louder and louder. They now become voices. 2 other people bumping into Stella. All of a sudden a beam of gold light shines from the ground to the sky. The voices become a lullaby. The gold light begins to shift. The 2 others who have bumped into Stella are no longer standing there. Stella running over to the light. There the locket is , sitting in a tiny puddle of water. The signing becomes so loud no one can even hear anymore. Everything becomes black. Feeling paralyzed unable to move. Stella Holding the locket in her hand. Able to open the locket. A screen pops up asking for the code. As she looks on her right wrist shes on the last number of the code. When a different voice she never heard says ‘ stop don’t finish the code.’’ ‘’ i am finishing, we deserve a better life.’’ Enters 5. Pausing. Nothing. Stella opening her eyes. I’m home. Everything’s intact. Was it a dream or are we in a utopia.


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I have always loved writing since I was little. I started off with poetry. Right now I am currently writing a 7 series fiction novel.

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