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Importance of trees for our life and world.

By Your Daily Care (Daily Beauty Tips)Published 2 years ago 3 min read

We can understand the importance of trees from the fact that a person uses about 550 liters of pure oxygen in a day to survive because the amount of oxygen in the air is about 20%, during the respiration process 20% oxygen is inside us. But while exhaling only 15% oxygen comes out i.e. we use 5% oxygen, we can guess how useful the tree is in our life, normal tree gives 230 liters of oxygen in 1 day.

Now we can think that how many more trees we need on our earth. In today's time, in the name of selfishness and development, people are continuously exploiting the invaluable heritage like trees, but this is a big environmental problem like pollution, urbanization and global warming. In view of this, there is a need to plant more and more trees.

If trees end or there is a decrease in their number, then balance in nature is impossible, due to which the name mark of life will be erased from the earth. Establishing industries whose importance is nothing unless there is a balance in nature and there is no reduction in the usefulness and quality of air, sufficient amount of oxygen for human beings to live, basic resources to meet the needs, keep meeting.

We get precious resources from the tree to meet our various needs, which include herbs, honey, wood, nutritious fruits, paper etc. for the main medicines, all parts of the tree are useful, any part of them is not useless.

  • Trees prevent soil erosion, their roots bind the soil and prevent flooding and soil from becoming dust.
  • These potable waters help in raising the groundwater level as the deep root of the tree helps in transporting rainwater deep from the earth's surface.
  • Trees are very helpful in controlling the temperature because it has been found that the places where there are more trees, the temperature is less than three to four degrees, due to which it helps in fighting the serious problem like global warning.
  • Trees are one of the main means of food and habitat for wild animals. Monkeys, birds and other creatures make their homes on trees and make their living by eating fruits and flowers on trees.
  • Trees help in providing sufficient amount of rain by creating balance in nature and provide pure oxygen by taking carbon dioxide from the environment; we can say that the importance of trees in human life is unique.
  • Trees also have religious importance in human life, leaves, wood and flowers of trees are used in various types of religious work and trees like banana, mango, peepal are worshiped.

Due to the large number of trees in rural areas, the life there is much happier than in the cities, the air there is not contaminated but is full of pure oxygen and the health of the people there is also good.

On the contrary, due to the decrease in the number of trees in the cities, many types of health problems, high temperature, and serious problems like polluted air have to be faced. Keeping in mind the harmful gases released, there is a need for more and more trees and plants.

Therefore, trees are the invaluable heritage of our nature, whose importance is unique in nature and human life, without them life on earth is impossible, to avoid this crisis of human life, we should plant more and more trees wherever possible, and every person One should take a vow that he has to plant at least one tree in his life and by stopping exploiting them, he has to make people aware of the importance of trees, so that human life on our earth will be beautiful, green and happy.


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