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Learn about the types of environment and the characteristics of each

Environment as a set of physical chemical and biological factors that affect a living organism

By mohamedPublished 2 years ago 3 min read
Learn about the types of environment and the characteristics of each
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Types of environment and their characteristics

The environment is all the elements that surround man, whether they are natural elements or man-made elements. These elements are divided into two types: vital; It includes all living and abiotic organisms; It includes all non-living organisms, so the environment can be classified into several types as follows:

natural or physical environment

The natural environment constitutes the earth, air, water, plants and animals, the natural environment, and every existing element that man had no hand in making or controlling is one of the components of the natural environment as well, and includes:

Lithosphere : It is the solid crust or solid upper layer of the Earth, which is made up of rocks and minerals, and covered with a thin layer of soil , and this cover is a source of minerals and it is a surface filled with terrain from mountains, valleys, etc., and it also contains forests, Grasslands are essential to human life and other living things.

The hydrosphere : It consists of different sources of water and different types of water bodies; Such as: rivers, lakes, seas, oceans, estuaries, and others, which are necessary for all living things.

Atmosphere : It is a thin layer of air that surrounds the earth, and is fixed by the force of Earth's gravity. The atmosphere protects living organisms from harmful ultraviolet rays, and contains a number of gases such as: oxygen necessary for life, dust and water vapor, and the changes that Occur in weather and climate resulting from changes in the atmosphere.

Biosphere : All life forms make up the biosphere, where land, water, and air interact with each other to sustain life.

The natural environment is also called the Geographical Environment, because of what surrounds man from the multiple geographical conditions imposed on him by the surroundings in which he lives and the terrain around him, or the physical environment because it relates to the physical requirements of life that man cannot Or the organism in general live without it.

human or industrial environment

The human environment is the environment that is shaped or manufactured by humans, as it is added to or modified according to people's needs and desires, and this is evident by humans adapting to the nature around them, before the age of technology and its development they adapted to live in a simple life and requirements They can be met by nature, but over time their needs diversified and increased; Man learned new ways to meet these needs, such as: growing crops, domesticating animals, building houses, inventing the wheel, barter system, trade and transportation, and communication became easier and faster around the world, thus forming an industrial ecosystem.

The human environment can be classified into two types of environments, namely: the internal environment and the external environment. The internal and external environments are interrelated and cannot be separated, as each environment has a specific aspect, and the following is a simplified explanation of them:

indoor environment

It is also called the social environment, and it exists in the presence of societies where it relates to regulations, traditions, organizations, and institutions, and is limited to the customs and traditions that exist in every human group, and it is called intangible culture and social heritage, and this heritage is necessary for the flourishing of human social life, It is known to have an impact on an individual's life, and the changing shape of the economic and industrial environment is seen as two different aspects of the man-made environment.

external environment

The external environment came as a result of the modifications added by man to improve his material conditions and meet his needs, and these modifications included: modern infrastructure in cities, homes and associated facilities, ways of communication and transportation, resorts of comfort and luxury, various types of industry for the manufacture of luxury goods, electrical appliances, etc. So, it aims in the end to increase civilization and urbanization.

The relationship of the main types of environment to each other

The ideal balance between the natural environment and the human environment is necessary for the continuation of life, so this requires that humans use the resources provided by the environment wisely, so that they can establish a healthy balance between them, and the resources must be used in more efficient and beneficial ways with the need to pay attention to them, preserve them and rationalize their use. natural; Such as: wood, metal, water, and air; Precious and necessary for survival, it is imperative to take care of them and use them wisely to ensure that they pass down to future generations.


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