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Is the Multiverse Moving Closer to Being Real?

Curiosity piqued?

By Jennathul NishaPublished 9 months ago 3 min read

In Marvel movies, such as 'Spiderman: Into the Spider-Verse' there are multiple versions of the character arises from different realities- called Multiverse. Hang on! what if these extra dimensions of our reality run right alongside our world?

It's like a giant cosmic jigsaw puzzle!

But they could have all sorts of crazy stuff going on, from tiny changes in how things play out to completely different ways that the laws of physics work.

It is an exciting idea that even physicists have thought that a parallel universe could exist- they came up with few theories.

Cosmic Inflation

One theory is familiar with the fact that the universe is expanding, causing galaxies far away to move further from us- Infinite Expansion. As one moves progressively further away from our planet, the rate of the universe's expansion becomes greatly accelerated resulting in the ultimate implication that at a certain juncture, the expansion becomes so rapid that light, the fastest entity known to us will be impossible to reach us from some very far away galaxies. This means there is a point in the universe that we cannot see past.

Just because we can't see something doesn't mean it's not there. Beyond the point where the universe expands too quickly for us to see, there are still more galaxies. However, they're forever out of our sight due to how fast the universe is growing and how slow light is.

Some scientists suggest that these areas beyond what we can see might be like another universe running alongside ours. This idea is popular because it doesn't need any new or complicated rules of physics – it fits well with what we already know about the universe.

Bubble Universes

An alternative hypothesis concerning parallel universe relies on the concept of multiple instances of cosmic inflation. According to this view, during the initial stage after the big bang, inflation took place in various locations. Therefore, distinct "Universe Bubbles" underwent inflation and on occasion, where certain types of matter ended up in specific bubbles instead of others.

This means, certain bubbles might exhibit variation in the physics principles that governs their functioning.

Each bubble is incredibly large, yet separate from our universe. Scientists are interested in this idea because it might explain why we haven't found certain things in our universe that we expected to see. For instance, there are magnetic monopoles – magnets with just one side (either north or south). These might actually exist in a different bubble universe.


The last idea involves a branch of science called quantum mechanics, which deals with the chances of very small particles doing things. Imagine a tiny particle being shot at a wall – it could either bounce off or go straight through. Quantum mechanics helps us figure out which outcome is more likely. However, Yet, the mathematical framework doesn't dictate that only one outcome can happen. Both things might actually happen together.

But we would only observe one of these outcomes. So, if we see the particle bounce off the wall, it's possible that at the same time, in a different universe (not ours), it also passed through the wall.

In this parallel universe everything would be identical to our universe perfectly, except for a small change. In that universe, the particle would directly go through the wall, instead of bouncing off it. The ''many world theory" proposes that this sort of thing occurs whenever a quantum mechanical event takes place which ultimately leads to the formation of a new parallel universe each time.

Nevertheless, once such parallel universe emerges, we lack the means to interact with it. As fascinating as this theory, we have no way to test it!

Could There Be More Than One Earth?

According to the many worlds theory, there's ample space for an additional Earth. Every quantum event on our planet would give rise to another parallel universe featuring its own version of Earth.

Sadly, the existence of parallel universe remains uncertain, or least searching for solid proofs but not quite up there. Anyways scientists are actively attempting to develop methods to test these theories, but this is proving to be a complex challenge.

Yet, who knows – maybe scientists in another universe have already cracked the code to open a gate to another world.


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  • DWARAKESWARAN S H9 months ago

    Imagine a multiverse where everything you wanted is near and that becomes a reality

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