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Interstellar Communicator

by Stephanie J. Bradberry 4 months ago in Science
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The Pro Choice Planet


Nobody can hear a scream in the vacuum of space, or so they say. Almost 400 years P.P.S. proved this theory wrong. All Binary Sheets and databases required rectification of our ignorance. Thoughts of This will be quick and simple morphed into the content of nightmares. Undoing the disaster of 2006 A.D. is perhaps part of Pluto’s revenge.

“Are you hand and paper writing again?” queried Justin’s Matched Pair in a playful yet semi-condescending tone. “How wasteful.

Matched Pair: The equivalent of a husband or wife, with the expressed purpose of creating a family

“There is value in not forgetting the O.S. of communication.” Justin’s response demonstrated his waning desire to keep expressing this fact. Even though his Matched Pair and most others could not understand, Justin remained adamant. This was one part of his life he needed. Earth 2404 was technologically advanced but primitive in most everything.

O.S.: Old System

Concentration broken, Justin turned his attention to work. Justin swiped the items to load into his App Sack for the day. Today proved typical. All Justin needed was food rations and his work pad. He pressed on his work badge and entered the lock code as he left the house.

App Sack: A digital "bag" based on applications. For example, to load food rations, one can digitize a prepared meal via a food digitizer app, load it, and then reconsititute it at will.

Justin entered the transport tube for the space shuttle terminals. He moved methodically towards the passenger shuttle for the Moon.

“Attention all passengers: Please be seated, strap in, and prepare for launch.” The soothing and matter of fact female voice encompassed the innards of the space shuttle.

Boop. Boop. Boop. Ding! Everyone on board braced for the rocky start of launching into space. Even modern technology could not totally buffer the immense power of going against gravity. Justin welcomed the jolt and pressure. It served as a reminder of the juxtaposition of old, new, current and future.

In just one hour, Justin was proud to be face-to-face with the efforts of successfully bridging the Earth to the Moon. To the outside world, the massive grey structure of stone and glass served as a keeper of relics and a communication tower. For Justin it represented life itself.

With collegiate studies in the O.S. and English, Justin’s acumen for efficient communication landed him a top-tier position at Earth Documents Observatory. EDO, the premier source for collected Earth-based written and digital documents, was heaven on earth for Justin. He could caress the crisp paper pages of old manuscripts, view relics, and scroll digital archives at will.

Justin’s actual job entailed monitoring the solar system for new artifacts and deciphering their meaning. So many past failed attempts at space travel, contact with aliens and the old practice of end life experimentation left many relics floating around space.

Justin began his routine for the day. Log in, verify and decipher new artifacts obtained from the previous watch, search for new relics, record and catalog anything of note. A seemingly mundane day of manning his console suddenly turned extraordinary.

“Whoa! What was that? Did anyone else hear that?” Justin was overwhelmed and perplexed. He looked towards the other two work stations in his unit. Justin’s explosive reaction was met with blank stares from his colleagues.

“Check your radars. Don’t you see a blip, ping or anything on your playback?” Once again, blank visages. “Oh my goodness, my ear drums nearly burst from the noise. Surely you have something recorded on your consoles!”

Justin nearly pushed each man from his work station to see if anything was recorded on their end. Blank. Completely blank.

The airlock door to Justin’s unit’s observatory hissed open. “Gentlemen, did any of you note anything just now?” It was the gruff voice of Justin’s only superior at work, Magistrate P. He rarely made an appearance in person.

“I did, Sir,” replied Justin excitedly. He was relieved that he wasn’t going crazy.

“What did you note, Jacobs?”

“I’m not 100% certain, Sir. But it registered as a sound to me. A very loud sound based artifact.”

“Our Sentient Sensor suddenly reacted. But we don’t know what caused it.”

“Sir, I checked the other two consoles. They recorded nothing at all.”

“Jacobs, I want you to investigate this sound artifact as your top priority. You may use my personal observation terminal, the Sentient Sensor, and any personnel.”

“Yes, Sir!” Justin struggled to wrap his head around how suddenly he was placed in a position of responsibility and importance equal to a Magistrate. I would love to share this moment with Mirai. Amidst the current flurry of activity, Justin’s mind wandered to his lost Divine Pair.

Divine Pair: A male and female who have an intertwined destiny, past lives, or proven spiritual connection. They are married in spirit and for a specific purpose.

“There’s no time for that, Justin. Get to work. Forward is the motion.” Justin gave himself a pep talk to snap back to the now.

Three days later, Justin deciphered the sound wave artifact.

His report:

Official report of Justin Jacobs of Earth, Moon Sector 01, re: "The Scream"

P.P.S.: Post Pluto Scream


About the author

Stephanie J. Bradberry

I have a passion for literature and anime. And I love everything involving academia, health, metaphysics and entrepreneurship. During my free time I enjoy nature, crocheting, reading, romping with my kiddos, oh and writing!

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