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In 1994, the Three Gorges discovery, 7000 years ago strange human species reappeared, only because the experts dug the monster

Strange human species reappear

By Carlo PhilPublished about a year ago 5 min read

In our recorded history, there have been records of flooding disasters in many places. Whenever a flood occurs, it has a very tragic impact and cost on the residents, and many families have been displaced and separated from their families in the disaster. And also flood disasters can bring huge economic losses.

To be able to minimize these losses, the ancient people will play a clever, vigorous construction of water conservancy projects. For example, after thousands of years, the Jiangsu built during the In Dynasty is still in use today. The Jiangsu not only solved the adverse effects of flooding on the residents on both sides of the river but also made Chengdu the capital of heaven. Piece

A, water conservancy project unearthed a "monster"

We have always attached great importance to water conservancy projects because the floods of 1931 and 1939 caused many innocent people to lose their lives in the floods. So in 1994, to reduce the flooding of the Yangtze River, the Three Gorges Project was built. After the study and research by experts, the geographical conditions near Zigzag County were considered to be the most suitable for the construction of the Three Gorges Dam. The Three Gorges Dam requires a large amount of storage of Yangtze River water, which is a certain danger to the residents of the nearby Zigzag County. Therefore, through consultation and discussion, the group decided to relocate the entire Zigzag County to other safer places.

Zigzag County is a county with a long history, from the Three Kingdoms period to the present day, so Zigzag County is a very valuable place for research. When the people of Zigzag County moved out of the area, the inspectors carried out protective excavations to ensure that the excavated artifacts could be effectively protected. But it was not expected that this excavation of the Three Gorges Project would result in a major discovery, and a strange human species from 7000 years ago was reaped. The unearthing of a relic shocked everyone, just because the experts dug up the monster, and the unearthing of this relic added a different color to Chinese history.

Second, the sun man sculpture painted with strap one little man

Before the excavation of cultural relics began, experts guessed that this work might unearth very many precious cultural relics, so many professional archaeologists were sent before to conduct fieldwork. Everyone was on tenterhooks while the excavation work was going on, and there might be many hidden secrets hidden under the unknown ground. Just when people were all on edge, the head of the archaeological team from Hubei Province suddenly discovered something with a strange appearance. This object looked gray in appearance, and after identifying it, the archaeological team leader knew that it was sandstone. Looking at this strange sculpture, the archaeological team leader did not dare to treat it casually, and immediately returned to the ground with this sculpture.

After research determined that this strange-looking thing is seven thousand years ago, the sun man stone sculpture. The sculpture is visible above the carving of a long body, and a few strokes to the character's solemn and solemn demeanor are vividly portrayed. The eyes of the figure are quietly gazing upward, and the carving above is a golden sun that is emitting a dazzling light. The villain is respectfully kneeling in the direction of the sun with a solemn expression of hands joined together, not knowing whether he is praying or begging for mercy. According to the appearance of this sculpture, experts named it the "sun man stone sculpture".

The appearance of this sculpture is very fine, although the shape is not particularly prosperous decoration, simple and simple sculpture completely highlights the cultural customs of the primitive society at that time. Such relics and any other relics previously unearthed have no similarity, because the appearance to determine the sculpture is from which dynasty of cultural relics, so experts will use professional instruments to measure the approximate age of the stone sculpture. The results were surprising to everyone because the carved totem was more than 7,000 years old.

III. Sculptures that have influenced human history and culture

It is widely believed that China has a history of 5,000 years, but the unearthing of the sculpture pushed the history of China forward by 2,000 years, and this discovery has a very important impact on the study of China's history. Whether the figures on the stone sculpture were the totem of the ancient primitive society at that time, and what symbolic meaning the sun played for them, this mystery greatly attracts people's attention.

More than 7,000 years ago, this vast land already has traces of human traces, this is a wonderful and sacred thing. After this stone carving relic was unearthed, it was not displayed to the public in the first place because of its great research value, but it has been well preserved in the Hubei Museum to facilitate experts' archaeological research on it. People's curiosity about this artifact also grows with each passing day, until 2007, this piece of stone carving of great concern to the world finally met with people at the World Expo that year.

The discovery of this sculpture not only has a profound impact on the development of our country's history, but the impact on the world is also very significant. Because our country is one of the four ancient countries in the world, according to the previously unearthed artifacts can probably be presumed that our country is a great country with five thousand years of cultural heritage, and the discovery of this stone sculpture fills the previous historical gap, for the development of the origin of the world is also very valuable to study.


A chance coincidence, deep underground thousands of years of cultural relics to see the light of day, and may even rewrite the history of mankind. Think about the nine states of China, whether the people did not notice somewhere, also buried unknown secrets, waiting for people to dig and discover.


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