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I’ve Never Expected Your Parting Come So Soon…

I’m truly sorry I’ve murdered you, I was not a good mama

By Life LessonPublished 2 years ago 3 min read
I’ve Never Expected Your Parting Come So Soon…
Photo by Timothy Dykes on Unsplash

I brought you over to my new home happily, I was so delighted that you are the perfect one

For that top-shelf corner of my home’s high ceiling, your elegant long vines and summer green leaves

Trailing down the planter like refreshing rainfalls, it brightened up that dark corner of my new home

No other plants fit more perfectly than you, I was so eagerly placing you on that rather high shelf

Where I couldn’t reach without a stool stepper, I was too blinded by the esthetic aspect of it

Neglecting your growing need for the sunlight, I had forgotten that you used to be basked under the sun

Where you enjoyed the glorious morning sun on the veranda, I did notice this difference in the sunlight here

But there is no such sunny spot in this new home, I was thinking that the lighting above you would do the trick

For you to produce your food in order to continue to thrive, I gave it a shot any way out of no better choice

You seemed to be doing well for the first three months, it was just that your new leaves were becoming smaller and lesser

I thought you were doing okay still seeing it as a little sacrifice, for the sunlight here is not as bright as before

I admired your beauty that added freshness and the natural charm to my new home, every corner I turn there is the greenery that meets my eyes

Make me feel I’m living in a resort home that’s surrounded by nature, in this little paradise of my own sanctury

Where I can rest my soul and body, away from the hustle and bustle of the big city

Photo by Sanni Sahil from Pexels

However, your beauty didn’t sustain long for me to keep admiring you, I had to admit my mistake of over-watering you in that rather dark corner

Due to my laziness having to get a stool stepper to reach you, I had been watering you more and more each time

Thinking to reduce the frequency to climb up high to water you, So that I do not risk myself falling down

Now I knew that I shouldn't have done that, I should had relocate you to somewhere to ensure your well being

By the time I noticed your decay while you seemed still okay, I desperately tried to rescue you in whatever way that I could

But it proved that it was too late for this emergency rescue, you withered and died off bit by bit without responding

I couldn’t believe you could die off completely eventually, without leaving a single root for the chance of resurrection

I was so sad and couldn’t stop blaming myself, for killing you off in such a cruel manner

I knew I was very selfish and not a good mama, your passing stung me for days

You are the martyr for the community here, to remind me not to over-water them

As the sunlight here is much weaker than that in the previous home, it’s definitely a NO-NO to water too much in one go

I’ve learned my lessons well, I’ll never be a bad mama again ever

R.I.P my dear String of Nickles

🧡 A Tribute To My Tailing Plant That I Dearly Loved 🧡

P/S: I hope no one will think that I’m having any mental issues for having written a tribute to a plant! I just want to express my feeling about losing this gorgeous plant that had been with me for quite some time. 😜

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