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Humans need to be alert.

by Many A-Sun 2 months ago in Nature / Science / Humanity
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Where does the human race go as the permafrost thaws, anthrax breaks out, and the virus comes back to life

High temperature

In recent years, the average temperature in many countries around the world has risen significantly, and the highest summer temperatures in the United States, Canada, and other countries in the Americas even exceeded 56 degrees Celsius, and temperatures in some parts of China also reached 45 degrees Celsius, and thousands of people around the world have died this year because of heat-related illnesses.

The extremely low temperature of the Antarctic and the Arctic is not optimistic, like in Alaska, located near the Arctic Circle, the local people found that the ground is gradually sinking, and the forest trees also began to appear in large areas of the fallen phenomenon.

In the cold Siberian region, this situation has never been worse, the temperature rise led to the original perennial frozen permafrost layer beginning to melt, and the remains of countless ancient creatures also gradually reappeared from the permafrost.

Six years ago, the doomsday seed vault located in the Norwegian permafrost had a seepage accident, the seed vault holds millions of plant seeds collected from around the world.

The seed vault was built here because the area is located within the Arctic Circle, where it is cold all year round and can preserve plant seeds indefinitely. Even in the future, in the event of any major disaster, the planet's plants are gone, and humans can restart the seed bank and resume agricultural cultivation.


But the accident also made people realize that even the coldest Arctic regions are no longer safe due to rising temperatures, which have seriously affected normal human production and life.

It is widely believed in the scientific community that if the surface of an area can remain frozen for 48 months, then the surface of this area can be identified as permafrost, and there is a large amount of permafrost in many high latitudes in the Northern Hemisphere, accounting for a quarter of the ice-free land area of the Northern Hemisphere.

The composition of permafrost is very complex, including mud, rocks, ice, biological remains, and various ancient viruses or bacteria. The permafrost has remained frozen for thousands of years, but as temperatures rise, it is beginning to melt.

The most dangerous of all is the unknown "life forms" in the permafrost, microorganisms, bacteria, viruses, seeds in the soil in a frozen state will be in a dormant state, once the temperature rises, these life forms reappear in the sun will begin to wake up quickly, humans can not predict the danger this brings.

Ten years ago, Russian scientists discovered ancient squirrel-built food stores nearly 40 meters below the surface of the Siberian permafrost, where they found many plant seeds that date back 33,000 years. The scientists then brought these seeds back to the laboratory and successfully rooted them.

The most amazing was the French scientist Slavery, who led an expedition to the Siberian region and found two viruses that had never been found in the permafrost and revived them, and subsequently observed that both viruses were able to infect the amoebae in the laboratory.

No one can say how many other undiscovered viruses or bacteria are in the permafrost. If the temperature continues to rise, these ancient microorganisms may be exposed to the air, and although only ancient viruses have been found to infect amoebae, no one can guarantee that the human immune system can defend against these unknown viruses.

After 1900, about 1.5 million reindeer and cattle died from anthrax infection in Siberia, and the carcasses of these animals were subsequently buried in sit, and due to limited conditions, people could only it's buried in the shallow layers of permafrost, which led to the melting of the permafrost even during the warmer summer weather, and the buried Bacillus anthracite once again could spread.

Six years ago, 72 residents in the Siberian region were inexplicably infected with Bacillus anthracite, and scientists analyzed that the culprit of the accident was the warming of the temperature, which led to the melting of the permafrost, exposing local herders to Bacillus anthracite buried in the shallow permafrost.

In addition permafrost not only carcasses of reindeer and cattle, but many human carcasses or ancient organisms are also buried in the permafrost layer, these human carcasses are mostly born by smallpox, plague, influenza, and other infectious diseases, if the permafrost continues to thaw, these bacteria and viruses may cause a new round of global plague.

There are three main modes of absorption and digestion of carbon produced in the earth, divided into oceanic carbon sinks, terrestrial carbon sinks, and artificial carbon sinks, of which a large amount of carbon is absorbed in the permafrost layer, and if the permafrost continues to melt, the carbon absorbed by the permafrost layer will likely be released into the atmosphere again.

The permafrost layer stores about 1.55 trillion tons of deep ancient carbon, and if all of it is released into the atmosphere, the current carbon content in the atmosphere will increase by about three times, and the greenhouse effect will become more and more obvious, which will cause a vicious cycle of increasing temperatures.

Humans should actively intervene to alleviate the current great thawing of the permafrost layer and complete carbon neutralization as soon as possible. Otherwise, once the permafrost layer melts, it will affect the whole earth and all living things including human beings.


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  • Mao Jiao Li2 months ago

    The earth today is caused by human beings, karma and reincarnation, face it frankly.

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