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Hemp MVMNT is The Worlds First Hemp Watch

by Old&wise 9 months ago in Sustainability

British eyewear brand Hemp Eyewear unveils the world’s first hemp watch with pineapple leather strap.


British eyewear brand Hemp Eyewear developed what they say is the world’s first hemp watch called Hemp MVMNT, which also features a pineapple leather strap.

The unisex Hemp MVMNT watches are made of Hemp Eyewear’s hemp material. Hemp is grown organically in France. The hemp is processed using “leading edge sustainable technology”, which only produces water vapour (H2O) as a by-product.

The hemp fibers are transformed into a solid material by combining them with an eco-binder developed for high performance. The material is used to make the casing of the watch, which is made using high-precision CNC and hand-finished.

For the straps, Hemp Eyewear partnered with Ananas Anam, the manufacturer of Piñatex, which is a vegan leather alternative made of the fiber of pineapple leaves that are left as agricultural waste (find this material in our collection here). The straps are quick-release, making it easy to swap out straps for a new color.

To make the watch more sustainable, the company offers an easy way to replace the watch’s battery, which you can do yourself, thanks to the removable back-plate.

The watch has Miyota 5Y30 Quarz movement and scratch-resistant mineral glass. It is also splash-proof. The hemp cases are made at the Hemp Eyewear workshop in Edinburgh.

Naturalists, Ecologists, Conservationists and Nemophilists now have reason to rejoice in the goodness and healing power of nature that comes in the form of this quirky timepiece made from hemp fiber and pineapple leaves.

Sam Whitten, Founder of Hemp Eyewear – an Edinburgh-based sustainable sunglasses company – is the person who thought of fusing hemp fiber which he earlier used to make eyewear frames, with pineapple fiber to craft something unique and eco-friendly as a substitute to leather sourced from animals that most ecologists consider unethical.

Hemp MVMNT watches have laid out infinite options for product manufacturers to use ethical ways in creating eco-friendly products that help sustain the living world. By incorporating fibers made from hemp crops that are mostly thrown away after harvesting of hemp seeds, the makers of this watch have inspired millions with their wristwatch range that has 100% vegan leather.

This initiative is set to win popularity as the most reliable method to help promote green living. Hemp MVMNT watches come in a sophisticated and classy design that appeals to the eye the very first time you catch a glimpse of it.

With an array of interchangeable bands and dials, you get full freedom to customize how you want your watch to look. The addition of silver and gold detailing infuses a classy feel to its outrageously natural appearance that doesn’t score too high in the fashion department.

It’s simple, it’s sturdy, and has the potential to contribute towards environmental conservation on a massive scale if more and more people begin to pay attention to its functionality and applicability for travelers and wildlife lovers.

You also get a two-year repair or replacement warranty on buying this watch to get fully customized service from the manufacturers, which again is a powerful step to lessen the load on the environment.

Hemp MVMNT watches come with a removable back cover to let users change the battery whenever they need to.

A completely no-fuss design that makes you feel one with nature, this watch is sure to make a lasting impact in the fashion sector in building a sustainable future for the coming generations.

To source the finest quality pineapple leather, the manufacturers partnered with ANANAS ANAM to making wristwatch bands from their Pinatex leather range.

The innovation and finesse put in by the manufacturers at every step of making this line of watches ensure the customers only get the best in terms of quality, design and wearability.



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