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He is the only person in the world who suffers from two extreme illnesses

Born as a dwarf, die as a giant

By ApostolakisPublished 12 months ago 3 min read

Lenin once said that one cannot be a "giant in thought and a dwarf in action". In people's inherent impression, giants and dwarfs are inherently opposed to each other, just like Gulliver in Gulliver's Travels, who is both a giant in the land of little people and a dwarf in the land of giants. Generally speaking, special people like dwarfs and giants are manifestations of abnormal development, and once they are ill, they are basically set for this lifetime. However, the world exists from the "dwarf" to grow "giant" people, he suffered from two opposite diseases in his life, to endure the unbearable pain of ordinary people.

Adam Ramayana was born in 1899 in Grass, Austria-Hungary, his parents were normal people with normal height and no diseases. However, Ramayana was an exception, he grew up with slow growth, a big difference from children of the same age who looked a little too thin, and seemed to have severe malnutrition. Due to the low level of medical care at that time, doctors did not detect any hidden illnesses in Ramayana, and his parents did not care, but simply gave him nutritional supplements.

Lenard was 18 years old when World War I broke out, he wanted to enlist in the army, but a medical examination form turned him away. The medical form clearly stated: Ramayana, 4 feet 0.25 inches tall (about 122cm). Unbelieving, Ramayana went back the next year to enlist, and naturally had his height measured again. This time, Ramayana grew a little taller, standing at 4 feet 2 inches (about 127 cm), but this was still far below the average height of 175 cm for Austrian men, and it was then that he finally realized that he was suffering from dwarfism.

There are many causes of dwarfism, such as genetic abnormalities, insufficient secretion of growth hormone, and bone problems. The main manifestations are short stature and slow growth, but intelligence is not affected and is the same as normal people. At this glance, it is clear that Ramayana is suffering from dwarfism, however, important data on the medical examination form proves that things are far from so simple. When Ramayana first enlisted for his medical examination, he wore a US size 10 (28cm) shoe, but in the following year, he wore a US size 20 (33cm) shoe.

You know, the height of 2 meters 16 Tao Ming, wearing shoes is only 25 yards (35.5CM), which means that Maynard's foot length, has far exceeded the length of his feet at this height should have. Sure enough, at the age of 21, the original slow growth and development of the body, as if suddenly broke through the constraints the same, in the 10 years since then, his height from the original 4 feet 2 inches (about 127cm), has grown to 7 feet 1 inch (215.9cm), if not a photo for evidence, simply unbelievable.

The sudden height, however, did not make Ramayana happy, as he suffered from vigilantism after dwarfism. in 1930, the overwhelmed Ramayana underwent an all-round examination in the hospital, which proved that there was an apparent benign tumor on his pituitary gland, which was an eosinophilic nomad that, due to its pressure on the pituitary gland, made the pituitary gland secrete excessive The tumor was an eosinophilic nomad that, because it was pressing on the pituitary gland, caused the pituitary gland to produce excessive growth hormone, which is what caused Maynard's decade of constant growth. Tablets

Despite knowing the cause of the disease, doctors were not able to eliminate the pain in Maynard's body. Due to the backward medical level, the success rate of tumor removal surgery was very low, so doctors did not dare to operate on Array easily. However, for the sake of Rational's life, he still removed part of the tumor, not daring to go deeper in. Later, although Ramayana stopped growing, he suffered from complications such as diabetes and eventually died on March 4, 1950, at the age of 51. Experiencing the dwarf and giant Ramayana, who never experienced a normal life in his life, is a sigh of relief.


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