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Go Fish

by Malik LaFon 10 months ago in Nature
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Shark Investigation

Great White Shark

Damon watched the blue sky as he was laying on the deck of a fishing boat.He could feel the sea rocking the vessel.Damon ran his hand along his torso.He could feel the circuits of the wire that hid behind the fabric.This wasn't just a fun fishing trip he was on.It was a serious investigation

It had taken several months of work to be trusted enough to be brought on this boat.The crew aboard was not a group that trusted easily.Especially when it comes to people sticking their nose where it doesn't belong.Of course,that was exactly what Damon was doing.

Fishing is an American pastime. Most people hunt fish like bass,trout,or catfish.Other people hunt more dangerous prey.The people on this boat hunt sharks. Normally that wouldn't be a problem,but these people catch the sharks and only take the fins.

Shark fins can catch a huge price.This makes sharks the targets of many hunters.However,these hunters catch the shark and cut of the fins.They then discard the rest of the body.The shark is left to suffer and eventually it will die.This practice is illegal in the United States due to the The Shark Finning Prohibition Act.

While deep in thought a crew member's head blocked his view.

"Hey get up.Everyone pulls their weight around here!" the man ordered

After standing up Damon got a better look at him.He had on a blue bandana. He had a scar across his left eye.That scar reminded Damon about something he learned during his investigation.

His name is Eric Jackson.He had been in the business for a few years.The scar on his eye was from an accident with a bull shark.Damon automatically figured that was why he does what he does.To seek revenge.

Damon decided that now would be a good time to collect intel. He didn't know much about where they were going.All he knew was that they were hunting sharks.

"How many sharks do you guys normally catch" Damon asked

Without looking at Damon, Eric responded

"There are many factors involved. The area we hunt in is a major factor.The water is another thing to watch.?

"So long story short:It depends." Damon responded sarcastically

Eric looked at Damon for a second and started laughing.

"I like you kid!" he complimented grabbing both of Damon's shoulders.Then suddenly he got serious.

"Don't go around asking all those questions.These guys like money not questions"

"At his own risk" Damon asked another question

"Is it bad to have questions?"

"You're on a boat in the middle of the ocean with a bunch of criminals.Of course you should have question.Just learn to keep those questions to yourself.Unless you want to go for a swim."

That single comment really put things in perspective for Damon.For the first time he truly realized that he was on a boat in the middle of the ocean with a group of shady individuals. He had nowhere to run,nowhere to hide.If he wanted to complete his investigation and see land again he was going to have to fall in line.He was in a do or die situation.

As these facts started to take root in Damon's mind there was a sudden commotion at the back of the vessel.Damon and Eric shared a look and began moving toward the group of crewmen that had gathered.It seemed like they had finally caught something.

After getting close enough Damon could see the shark.It was a female Great White Shark.After all Damon years of studying sharks he has never seen one up close.After what seemed like forever he made his way beside the shark.He instantly noticed she had several bite marks and bruises.His years of researching sharks led him to believe he shark was pregnant.

Due to all the attention he was giving the shark he forgot all about what his situation was.In a few minutes they are going to cut the fins of this shark.Damon instantly tried to think of something he could do.His thoughts stopped instantly when one of the crew members yelled "Go get the Captain!"

A few minutes later a man stepped on to the deck and was standing over the great white.Due to his investigation ,Damon knew exactly who this man was.The captain's name was Edward Scarlet.He was not the type of person you would want to cross.He has several felonies under his belt.The most notable charge being double murder.

Without any hesitation Edward pulled a knife off of his belt.A flash of panic hit Damon as the captain reached down to cut into the shark.In that moment Damon made the worst choice possible and grabbed Edwards wrist,to prevent him from cutting her.

In that moment Damon felt all eyes on him.He was frozen.However, he still had the captain's wrist firm in hand.Edward looked at his wrist and then back at Damon.

"Let go" he ordered in a deep voice

"I can't let you harm this shark." was all Damon could manage to say

The courage it took to come out on this boat slowly fizzled out, and Damon let go of the captains wrist.Not wasting anytime Edward picked Damon up by the collar with ease,as if Damon were a child.He lowered him down and looked Damon directly in his eyes and said

You want to save the fish,you can swim with them too.

Then with no effort at all he tossed Damon overboard.As soon as he hit the water Damon went into survival mode.He thought the best thing he could do was get out of sight.He took a deep breath and dove under the sea. A few seconds later something else entered the water from above.After Damon's eyes adjusted he saw that it was the shark.It had no fins.A wave of sadness passed though Damon as he watched the shark sink.

When he resurfaced for air he noticed that the boat was nowhere to be seen.He was stranded.Lost at sea.Damon started to panic then he noticed something floating in the water.He swam over to it and saw it was a life vest.It had a small piece of paper attached that read:Your lucky I like you.

Damon realized that Eric left the life vest for him to find.He put it on quickly.Now that he had something to keep him afloat he had to hold out for help.He hoped that the wire he was wearing was still active.That would be his salvation.

To Damon that night felt like a life time.Lucky for him none of the sea life decided to make him dinner.Damon waited and waited. He was starting to give up hope when he heard something in the distance.He listened closer trying to figure out what it was.He realized that it was a motor.A boat was nearby.

Damon used all the energy he had left and started splashing and yelling out loud.He knew that this might be his only chance to see the land again.Just as his vision began to get fuzzy he felt something pulling on him.

Before he blacked out completely he saw that he was on a small motor boat.The last thing he saw was the blue sky above.At that moment he vowed: To leave all future investigations to law enforcement.


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