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Forecasting the Winter Weather Extravaganza

A Deep Dive into the December 2023 Storm Outlook

By Jireh RosalesPublished 3 months ago 3 min read

In the realm of meteorology, it's a rare occurrence for the Storm Prediction Center to express such unwavering confidence in forecasting a severe weather outbreak, especially in the serene days of December. Yet, as we fast forward to December 9th, 2023, the center has already placed a 15% chance of significant severe weather on the map, painting a vivid picture of what's to come for portions of Texas, Louisiana, and Arkansas. This prelude is part of a larger atmospheric saga that is poised to unfold between December 8th and December 12th, promising a weather journey spanning the breadth of the United States.

This upcoming storm is no ordinary weather event; it's a symphony of meteorological elements that will choreograph a performance from severe weather and heavy rain to strong winds and potential blizzard conditions. The week ahead is a canvas waiting to be painted by the dynamic interplay of atmospheric forces.

Starting our meteorological expedition with today's short-term forecast, scattered showers and intermittent thunderstorms are projected around noon, casting their aquatic ballet over Kentucky and Tennessee. Simultaneously, Northern Vermont and New Hampshire brace for lingering heavy snow bands. In the Pacific Northwest, an atmospheric river looms, threatening to unleash its torrential rains and potentially trigger mudslides. Meanwhile, the Southwest basks in warm air advection, providing a sharp contrast to the lingering cold gripping the East Coast.

As we advance into Tuesday and Wednesday, an Alberta Clipper emerges, traversing the Ohio Valley and blanketing Indiana, Ohio, Illinois, West Virginia, and Pennsylvania with a veil of snow. Wednesday, in contrast, brings a brief respite from the weather hustle, except for the West Coast, which will witness the return of heavy rain.

The real meteorological spectacle takes center stage as we approach Thursday. A colossal ridge sets up shop in the central U.S., ushering in an unusual warmth that stands in stark contrast to the persistent chill on the East Coast. The undulating dance of troughs and ridges in the jet stream becomes apparent, setting the stage for what promises to be a substantial weather event.

By Friday, December 8th, the grand meteorological performance intensifies. A formidable cold front is set to sweep warm, moisture-laden air from the Gulf of Mexico, elevating the risk of severe weather. The collision of disparate air masses creates a perfect storm for severe thunderstorms, potentially featuring damaging winds and even tornadoes. The instantaneous flash rate chart provides a visual roadmap, highlighting the anticipated thunderstorm activity across Arkansas, Missouri, Western Kentucky, Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, and Tennessee on Saturday, December 9th.

Venturing into the weekend, a negatively tilted trough assumes the spotlight. Extending almost to the Gulf of Mexico, this trough signifies a powerful storm system, its negative tilt fostering efficient interaction between warm and cool air masses. By Sunday, December 10th, the storm system metamorphoses into a meteorological juggernaut, bringing not only severe weather but also a massive cold blast and the potential for blizzard conditions.

Yet, amid the anticipation, uncertainty prevails regarding the exact location and intensity of significant snowfall. The Euro model paints a picture of widespread impact, while the GFS aligns on timing but exhibits differences in intensity. With the storm approximately 162 hours away, the intricate details remain elusive.

Despite the uncertainty, one certainty prevails—the impending storm is real, and its potential impacts are significant. From snowstorms to severe weather, this atmospheric spectacle commands attention. Meteorologists are navigating this intricate dance of weather elements, closely monitoring developments as enthusiasts eagerly contribute to the data through the Yolameter 2.0—a snow measuring device developed by meteorologist Ryan Hall. As winter unfurls its drama, the promise of live storm coverage and exciting competitions awaits, making December 2023 a captivating journey for weather enthusiasts. So, fasten your seatbelts and stay tuned as we unravel the unpredictable landscapes of this meteorological masterpiece.


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