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Forbidden But Not an Apple Tree

K-1 was one of a kind and the last of its kind

By Sam Writes SecurityPublished 2 years ago 5 min read
Forbidden But Not an Apple Tree
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No photos on Social Media, no articles in Newspapers, and no interviews on TV but, why?

People in K-1 would put on a tie with their sleepers on and only the sleepers, sweat pants with work boots, and a bow tie with no shirt. Only in this place was this normal and nowhere else in the world. People didn't understand why things happened the way they did but eventually, they would find out.

Nobody did more than mentioning this, apparently, nobody went for proof, and yet everyone believed it because everyone had the same thing to say about the place. This is a strange theory wouldn't you say?

A guy called Sam decided to research the matter he was from a different state. He was a private investigator so this was just another gig but for a difference, this was his own personal work and for personal reasons, so we can say that it wasn't a gig after all.

You would only hear about the mysterious place over the internet nobody elsewhere ever looked or dressed funny anywhere else but in K-1. Stories about the matter flooded the internet, newspapers, publishers you name it but only with a question mark, and nothing to rely on. 

The most important question was "why didn't anyone have proof", or rather why didn't anyone want proof. Because it's not like people couldn't fly to the place and get themselves the real story, right?

Why on earth had he never come across anyone who looked funny with a glow anywhere else in the world. Why wouldn't people disclose this to the rest of the world? The only visuals from this act were man-made designs no actual photo ever made it to the faces of those who never visited the place. 

This consumed Sam very much he planned on visiting the place. Sam couldn't sleep for a whole week he couldn't wait for the day that he was supposed to go to K-1. Anxious wasn't enough a word to describe what he went through this was something else.

K-1 here we go

Sam woke up at 6 AM one Sunday morning "Finally the day has come" he shouted, as he jumped off his bed and ran to the bathroom. He took a shower, had breakfast, and off he went to the airport. Everything else was in place he had packed and prepared for this day previous days before. Sam was from South Africa and K1 was part of a Township in Johannesburg. Jo'burg as some call it was the capital city of Gauteng where K-1 was located which is one of the 9 existing provinces in South África.

A flight was necessary because it was quite a distance, Sam was from the city of Durban, a big city in the province of Kwa-Zulu Natal. Sam landed, finally.

This place was different it was like visiting a different country it had its own border gate, you couldn't visit K-1 without passing through it. There was a quiet and dark hall that everyone went through that was part of the welcome process to be allowed in K-1. 

People never did understand why this place existed the borders were connected with this hall, their borders were made of a huge gate. As soon as you passed through them you found yourself in this dark hall which you'd only be in for 10 seconds driving. Nobody was allowed to walk in the hall it was too dark, not because there couldn't be lights but this is how it was supposed to be and this is how it was.

This is the 21st century Sam didn't believe in magic and who does right? But, being in K-1 changed his whole perspective it gave him purpose, made him strong, and completely changed what he went there for. And, you might be thinking, isn't this what happens with everyone else?

The secret is finally out

Sam found a cheap hotel online booking wasn't necessary they had more than enough rooms available. Sam made it to the hotel it only took him a few minutes. At the hotel, the receptionist was an attractive young lady wearing only a swimsuit. Did I mention her barefoot?

As for the floor, it was spot on so clean and shiny that you could use it as a mirror. People in K-1 were very friendly to visitors, in our case to Sam. He dressed like any other person in the world, that was how everyone knew he was a visitor, people from K-1 never covered all of their bodies.

At the hotel, Sam found out that K-1's secret wasn't a secret at all. The reason why nobody cared about proof and actual footage was because something about K-1 was off after "that's how he described magic" visiting the place anyone and everyone forgets about proving anything to the world they just accept what the place is made of and move on. So, this remains a mystery.

A magical object with an interior that should never be revealed to the light had the power to shrink people to the size of ants and everything around them. That's how big and small Sam was when he found out as he was reading a book in his hotel room which was placed in his room for him to read. Courtesy of the hotel.

The reason why people dressed funny wasn't a curse or an effect of the magical object it was a matter of choice. Since the world outside couldn't bother the people from K-1 and expose the life they lived and how they chose to do so people did as they pleased and wore whatever, when they chose to wear anything.

Sam knew the truth and was ready to move on, ready to go back home he made peace with it. All pieces were in place it only took him a minute to make sense of it all, the dark hall was the magical object. The tale was over 500 years old but it was more than just a tale, Sam was inside the legendary pear tree, the last of its kind in the world.

Note: Gauteng is a province in South Africa and Johannesburg is a city in Gauteng, the capital city. Kwa-Zulu Natal isn't fictional either. K-1 is a nickname for a township in South Africa. The place is actually called "Katlehong" but I guess K-1 is easier to pronounce. There's some truth to all this fiction :)

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