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Explaining quantum erasure experiments with ekphrasis, there really are actions today that determine what happened in the past

Explaining Quantum Erasure Experiments with Ease

By Carlo PhilPublished about a year ago 6 min read
Quantum World

The frontier of modern science is quantum science. Bohr, the father of quantum science, visited China and was inspired by the discovery of the theory of the I Ching. After returning to China, he used the I Ching to explain quantum phenomena perfectly. And invented the first formula of quantum mechanics, the quantum occurrence probability formula. However, quantum phenomena are still difficult to understand.

Anyone can be blinded and scientists can be dizzy about quantum theory. The scientists who invented quantum theory were not satisfied with their theory, even though they won the Nobel Prize for it. It is also suspicious to say that quantum scientists do not know what a quantum is. This is the current reality of the scientific community. For example, according to common sense, the past will never change again, and no force can change history. However, in the microcosm, what happened in the past can be determined by the current behavior of the observer. It is the phenomenon that the present determines the past in this world.

In the quantum world, if you think with common sense, you cannot explain what is happening in the microcosm. In the macroscopic world, we have seen water waves and sound waves. In this case, waves are a phenomenon. Take a rock and throw it into a river and it will stir up waves of water. The vibration of the water produces waves. We shout and the air vibrates to transmit sound waves. Without air, sound cannot travel in a vacuum. So waves need a medium. Water waves use water as a medium and sound waves use air as a medium. It is a wave. What is the medium of light? Scientists have hypothesized that the medium of light is called the "Ether".

For a century, scientists around the world have been working hard, but they have never discovered the Ether. Sunlight emits light from the sun and reaches the earth. The entire universe should be filled with Ether. How else would light waves travel? But scientists have never been able to prove the existence of the Ether. This means that light propagates without a medium. There is no medium because the light is a quantum, a tiny particle, matter itself, and matter that is launched directly to Earth in the vacuum universe. It's like shooting a bullet directly into a wall. Light can travel in a straight line, proving that light is tiny particles.

Light is a particle. This has been proven by scientists. Einstein scientifically explained the photoelectric effect. A photon is a collection of tiny particles, also called a quantity of light. The photoelectric effect is the release of electrons when a photon hits a metal, creating an electric current. Today, solar panels are an application of the principle of the photoelectric effect.

Since scientists conducted the double slit experiment, scientists around the world have begun to study why electrons pass through adjacent slits at the same time. Attempts have been made to observe the true path of the electrons at the bottom. The most famous one is the "Quantum Erasure Experiment".

The main purpose of the "quantum erasure experiment" is to observe and record the quantum paths in the double-slit experiment. Specific methods:

1. setting up a "double-slit experiment", in which an interference grating is seen on a detection screen.

2. Observe the particles passing through the slit. Be careful not to interfere with the motion of the particles, and use a special recorder to record the particle path information. This time the interference grating on the detection screen of the double-slit experiment will not appear, which is equivalent to being destroyed.

3. Erase the particle path information recorded by the recorder with a special method, i.e. destroy the observation record. Miracle: the interference grating appears on the detection screen. The electronic grating is obtained again.

Quantum erasure experiments are also widely done by scientists. This experiment shows that if you observe or detect the particle path of the double-slit experiment, no interference grating appears. It proves that one cannot see the fluctuations of electrons. As long as you look at it, the electron appears as a particle. Bohr argued that when you are not observing, the electron exhibits wave characteristics. If the observation happens immediately, "the wave contracts and becomes a particle".

The miracle of the quantum erasure experiment is that: destroy the recorded information of the erased path, the detection screen will regain the interference grating. Scientists have done a lot of experiments. Not only the path of recorded information is erased in the field, but also the interference grating is restored by the detection screen. And the detection screen in the laboratory can automatically recover the recorded information of the detection path several kilometers away and erase the interference grating of the recorded information of the path several tens of kilometers away.

Using the principle of quantum erasure experiments, we have achieved quantum communication from satellite to ground distance. This quantum erasure experimental distance is beyond the reach of other countries. Chinese scientists are great.

The erasure quantum experiment subverts our everyday ideas. The interference grating is created when the electron reaches the detection screen through the double slit. Here, the interference grating is the last thing that happens. It happens before the electron gun sends the electrons through the double-slit lead plate to the detection screen. What happens on the screen can determine the historical information about the electron path.

The "quantum erasure experiment" is an incomprehensible law of the quantum world. Modern scientists agree that the microscopic world, such as electrons, neutrons, and other matter, is dominated by physical laws that are completely different from the ones we are familiar with.

Scientists have always believed that the physical laws of the microscopic world are the true laws of all things. The macroscopic world is made up of microscopic particles, so the laws of microscopic quantum physics are widely applicable to everything in the world.

Quantum erasure experiments demonstrate the amazing phenomenon of matter. The recorded path information was taken at a distance of tens of kilometers from the laboratory. Immediately after the path information was erased, the electronic raster was restored to the detection screen in the lab. How about the detection screen, or how to know that the path information was erased at a distance?

The old ancestors left behind by the Zhou Yi are also very subtle. According to Li Yi, you can know what is not happening in the future. Look at the Pushing Back Diagram, the Song of Gan Kun Wan Nian. You can know the future with Zhou Yi. It's about future history. Zhou Yi studies the order of all things. The future is today, and history is structured in the order of change. Therefore, it is necessary to study Li Yi and promote national science. Scientists must combine the study of quantum with the study of Zhou Yi. Our old ancestor, Confucius said that the I Ching is a Great Way that densely moistens heaven and earth and is omnipotent. Today's Yi scholars should conduct an in-depth study of the I Ching to figure out how the I Ching embodies the principle of all things and why it is the ultimate law of all things in the world.


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